New Maori Fashion Design Award for 2009 ‘Miromoda’

There is a new designer award in town –Miromoda.  This fashion design award targeted toward Maori launched in New Zealand April 3rd and is akin to the long lost Deutz Fashion Ambassador coupled with Villa Maria and Dunedin ID but with an indigenous twist.

An initiative of Ata Te Kanawa of Tumai magazine and Rex Turnball the Miromoda awards seeks to foster the talent of emerging and established fashion designers who identify as being Maori.  Entrants have 4 sections to choose from including the;

  • Established Designer Award
  • Mittelmoda Award
  • Promotional T-Shirt Design Award

and my very favourite the Haute Couture award.

So what’s so great about these awards?  For starters part of the prize package offers finalists the opportunity to  join the ranks of their industry peers and have their collections strut the runway at the ANZFW – for free.  This kind of break comes around as often as a Haleys Comet or if your one of the lucky cats of the AUT Rookie show.

Another and might I say, very coveted prize is the Mittelmoda Internship in Italy –  yes,  Italy.  The Mittelmoda Awards themselves have been around for nearly 2 decades and I have to praise the Miramoda team for securing a partnership with such a respected and renowned group such as this.

Now with all that all said….

Hands up, who wants a piece of that pie?

If you dream of a design internship in a picturesque Italy or want to catapult you collection in front of the buying powers that be at the ANZFW, you have until the end of the month to submit your entry in for the Miromoda awards.

Visit and tell them Designer Direction sent you.

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