Vintage Covets for Your Winter Wardrobe

Forget your Vitamin C and keeping up with fluid’s, the only thing that will keep you happy and healthy this winter season is vintage! Instead of trippin’ on Coldril and Robitussin, take a trip down main street with a few winter, vintage influenced essentials chosen by our Designer Direction stylist and vintage magpie Roch Travers.

#1 – 60’s Swing Coat for the Girls
Dior Eclipse Swing CoatWinter is the season for fabulous coats and this sixties marvel with its big buttons, round collars and simple lines can easily blend with your winter wardrobe and take you right through into spring. Venture into the realms of the daring with your colour choice and go for scarlet red or lipstick pink but if you would prefer a more demure look an all white or beige swing coat can still spice things up.

A tip to remember when shopping for your vintage coat is to make sure that it is of good quality and sturdily constructed so that it will continue to see you through many more chilly seasons.

#2 – Football Jacket for the Boys
I have recently become obsessed in my hunt for the football jacket. You know the ones, they always appear in those American films and are usually seen on the high school jock who is draped on his cheerleader girlfriend? Well they are just so amazingly warm and go so great with skinny jeans that it’s like the two were made for each other.  These bad boys are hard to find in New Zealand but once you get your hands on one, trust me you won’t want to part with it.

#3 – The Beret – UnisexAmerican Apparel Raspberry Beret
Yes, that’s right boys and girls the beret is back although I’m not sure it ever really left. This little beauty can compliment almost any look and our friends at American Apparel have released a whole line of unisex berets in raspberry, red, cream, navy and the traditional noir for only AUD $46 a hit.

If your credit card has seen better days you can always opt for the thrifty and more fun option by scouring your local op’ shops to find one to suit.  I say we all live out our French fantasies this winter wearing a beret at our favourite café and as we sit sipping a hot drink in all our glory, we shall be the envy of all!

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