New Zealand Fashion Designers – A Force to be Reckoned With

As our own Karen Walker is embraced on an international scale with her self titled line of designer clothing, we celebrate the up and coming New Zealand design talent that look to follow in her footsteps – Jaeha Alex Kim.

Jaeha Alex Kim
At 21 years of age Jaehas’ design career may only span a handful of years, however his impression on the fashion world is lasting.  Following his debut at the ’07 ANZFW with a collection inspired by Tim Burtons character Edward Scissorhands; Jaeha not only rocked the NZ fashion industry but he turned heads all over the world.  And rightfully so.

Post his ’07 ANZFW show, fashion editors and buyers clambered all over eachother to get near him and a flurry of international press followed, praising the collection.  The show was not only pivotal to Jaehas’ rise to success but it was arguably a defining moment for our industry.  Finally, an exceptional young designer had been unearthed with the potential to launch a successful career fit for the global market.

A star was born.

Now, nearly two years later Jaeha continues to make his mark, capturing the undivided attention of worldwide industy leaders as he goes.  Only last month he competed as a finalist in the prestigious Mango Fashion Awards held in Spain, a feat not yet accomplished by any other New Zealander.  And while he may not have won the competition, his acceptance as a finalist only further proves that his talent stacks up against some of the best and brightest minds in the world.

So where to next for this wonder boy?

After being recognised as a worthy talent by respected industry icons like Oscar de la Renta and Nina Garcia it is only fair to assume that this young man has alot more to offer, much much more.

Despite his years, Jaeha has not only the drive to succeed but he also possesses a design skill and maturity normally acquired after many years in the industry – if at all. Which poses the question; if this level of design innovation is usually reserved for more established designers, when should we expect the peak of Jaehas’ career?

I don’t think that is too far off and in fact is probably sooner than some might think.  My prediction? Is that within the next five years Jaeha will be leveraging his talent across other design spheres to create a self-made empire.  He will be in a league akin to the Karen Walkers of our time and yes, he will most certainly be a force to be reckoned with.

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