Début Fashion Show Reveals Future Design Talent

Heart of Glass Ensemble

Heart of Glass Ensemble

Kate Pierson reviews the CPIT Début fashion show held on Saturday the 27th June and uncovers some of New Zealand’s up and coming design talent.

You know a fashion show has fulfilled its obligation when its audience is plotting ways to make the clothing on show their own. I can’t speak for the thousand other attendees at the CPIT Fashion Parade on Saturday evening, but I am sure like me, they were mentally hanging the clothing on offer in their wardrobe.

The mid – year CPIT fashion parade appropriately titled ‘Début’, presented third year fashion students creations and was the first of three annual fashion shows, which are part of the CPIT initiative, “Ignition”. A sell out show at the Aurora Centre in Christchurch, Début did not disappoint. The strategically designed runway was canvassed by a television monitor and this in conjunction with the polished catwalk choreography ensured the audience maximum viewing time to soak up the creations on offer. Stage layout was sophisticated in its simplicity and minimal stage fluff ensured that all eyes were on what the night was in honour of – the clothing of course!

A fusion of fashion flavours, Début pieces were a collaborative product; a hybrid of student and industry fashion intelligence. Flirty feminine pieces were juxtaposed by masculine lines – styles that were equal in relativity to the current designs dominating our commercial market but comparatively unique in their interpretation of these trends.

Rosie's CollectionCampbell's CollectionMegan's Collection

Inspired by philosophical belief, culture, history, mood, ideology and even matrimonial tradition, students experimented with a range of fabric and colour. The result of this experimentation was literally hundreds of garments featuring flirtatious silhouettes, which contrasted with jagged, grungy fabrics evocative of 1960’s post -war youth fashion. With a strong emphasis on grunge and rock and roll, collections like ‘Fall to Ruins’ (Natasha Punt) and ‘Treasure Box’ (Kerry Bulmer) paid homage to fashion history in a contemporary style.

Natasha Punt - True Feral Collection

Natasha Punt - Fall to Ruins Collection

Kerry Bulmer - 'peace&noise' Collection

Kerry Bulmer - 'Treasure Box' Collection

Twelve segments comprised 90 minutes of visual gratification. Each garment on show was tailored to appeal to the target demographic of the fashion house in which each student completed their work experience. The garments embodied longstanding and current thematic and aesthetic qualities, which have been given life by fashion pioneers Trelise Cooper, Federation. Twenty Seven Names and RUBY Boutique to name but a few. Whilst each student maintained creative ties with the fashion houses that helped bring their concepts to life, they produced pieces with personality interwoven.

Ivy's CollectionSarah's CollectionHannah's Collection

Those of us with our own creative aspirations can appreciate that to visualise a concept is one thing but to make your visualisation a reality and do it well requires skill and dedication. CPIT students I’m sure exceeded even their own expectations. They delivered to a full house, twelve collections which would rival even our most established designers and remained admirably humble in the process. Words of gratitude to friends, family, industry and the CPIT administrative network flowed on every page of the Début Programme, which acted as a diary of reflection and thus provided further insight for the audience into the minds of these creative individuals.

I was fortunate to delve further into the creative mind of Pagan Marie, 19, whose collection ‘Heart of Glass’ was inspired by 1980’s music and icon Debbie Harry. Working collaboratively with RUBY Boutique, Pagan’s collection, in her own words was about “happy mood” and “makes you want to dance”. She describes her style as “eclectic, fun, with a commercial edge” and is “a fan of federation, lover … and of course RUBY Boutique!” Pagan’s collection offered a revival of oversized bows and frill – edged socks. Her advice: “wear some yellow!” If Pagan’s collection is a taste of what is to come in this budding designer’s future, we should heed her advice because she, like her fashion peers, will become a generation trendsetter.

Pagan Marie - Heart of Glass Collection

Pagan Marie - Heart of Glass Collection

As the lights went down for the night to the sound of congratulatory applause it was clear, the students’ shared mission was completed: a fashion hungry audience had been satisfied. It was also clear to us, the audience, that a new generation of designers is ready and waiting to make their mark. And they will.


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