Designer Neck Candy for the Bold – Meet Rhiannon.

Yen Magazine - Choice Bro - Commence 'Rhiannon' NecklaceOur Designer Direction Ed’ rants about her latest coveted designer piece from Commence and beseeches the design gods to grant her one wish.  Just one.

Commence, a new designer accessory label from Auckland, create visual and tactile delights that fill an aesthetic void. Taking a step outside of the confines of traditional design, Commence create interesting and somewhat unorthodox body jewellery that is most definitely not for the timid.

Their latest neck pieces dubbed ‘Rhiannon’ are delicious works of art blending avant garde into wearable statement pieces. Neck candy that screams ‘Look at me’, yet without an ostentatious undertone. Adornment that demands attention solely for it’s design and craftmanship.

I ♥ Rhiannon.

Forget the ripped (and now thrashed) trend that requires slashing up perfectly good attire and leaving it in a tattered mess.  Commence reinvents the former, and allows you to rock your own guilt free and wayy cooler version.  Lovingly crafted from leather then stripped into a masterpiece, Rhiannon is worthy to see out many a season.

To the Commence gods: I would really really love to see a leather shell dress made using the same cutting technique and in the dark teal colour.  Pretty please.

To get your own Commence accessory (they do bracelets, necklaces and more!) trip on down to see our friends at Children of Vision:
Shop 16
St. Kevin’s Arcade
179 – 183 Karangahape Road

Many thanks to YEN Magazine and David Shields for the image. And also to Mint Condition for providing us with it!


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