Dark Room Takeover Shines Light from Designer Labels

The Children of Vision “Dark Room Sale” in partnership with Jimmy D and General Cucumber kicked off in Auckland on Friday with the very fashionable clamouring for delicious goodies from international and local labels. Hannah McArdle got down there with Tux Hika of Designer Direction to rifle through the racks and take in the new look for the Children of Vision Store.

Dark Room Takeover COV - Light Show CeilingLaunched this year the Children of Vision flagship store has been named the “light box store” by the blogging world – so the sale name is fitting indeed!
(Left From Top – Ceiling light display & Store Entrance)

Blacked out windows and mannequins wrapped in black bags won’t stop the Dark Room Takeover COV - Entrancelight escaping – the likes of JimmyD, A’N’D, Bernhard Willhelm, Romance was Born, Gary Bigeni, TV, and Commence shine at crazy prices with Cybèle, Deadly Ponies, Deborah Sweeney, Jaeha, Lonely Hearts, Nom*D, Salasai and Zambesi thrown in for good measure.


Dark Room Takeover COV - LegsDark Room Takeover COV - Mannequin SmirkDark Room Takeover COV - Black MannequinDark Room Takeover COV - Sign
The goreous Ashwini models Commence necklace “Rhiannon” outside the Children of Vision store below left. [Note from Ed’ – See! How hot is Commence right now?] To the right, James Dobson (JimmyD) and Vicky (General Cucumber) pose for us.

Dark Room Takeover COV - Ashwini Full Length in CommenceJames Dobson (Jimmy D) & Vicky Chan

The Dark Room Takeover run’s until Sunday 4pm in St Kevin’s Arcade, Shop 16, 179 – 183 Karangahape Road, Auckland.

Photography Credit: Tux Hika


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