Juliette Hogan ‘Some Other Time’ S/S 09/10 Collection Review

Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 Header ImageAs the young designer on everyone’s lips, it comes as no surprise that Juiliete Hogan’s fourth show at ANZFW is hotly anticipated. This young designer’s previous work alongside Helen Cherry is evident in that her garments are utterly feminine; take their inspiration from decades past, and yet manage to look fresh and current from season to season.

Hogan’s Spring/Summer collection will do nothing to quash the ever-growing enthusiasm for her designs as it delivers dedicated wearers with the same demure women’s wear which she has quickly made her name from. Juliette Hogan’s SS/09/10 collection “Some Other Time” continues with her classic elegant style but injects a touch of punk into her trademark prim.

Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 2 Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 19 Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 4 Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 28

Her most colourful collection yet, Some Other Time takes a different road from her last years neutrals and uses a bright coral check for its signature print alongside pink and green florals. The bright colours are accompanied by muted oyster knits and dusty pink sheer Singlet dresses.

Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 6 Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 7 Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 8 Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 9

This spring the collection’s predominantly prim 50’s silhouettes have adopted a subtle hint of 80’s rebellion with exposed zips and dark denim pieces, a softer take on the exposed zipper theme seen in many collections this year. The sheer Singlet dresses give the prim and proper silhouettes a level of sexy provocativity. A very small cherry print seen throughout the collection does nothing to dissuade the nagging feeling that Juliette Hogan’s designs aren’t quite as innocent as they seem.

Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 18 Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 25 Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 20 Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 16

Hogan again shows a collection heavy on dresses but introduces the odd high waisted short and cuffed denim pants, these – alongside the collection’s blazers – build on the hints of androgyny suggested in Hogan’s winter collection “Mind Your Manners”. Her high waisted shorts will no doubt be the garment of choice for hot summer days, and in the meantime why not wear them over opaque tights. Despite the addition of much more colour in her summer range this young designer has firmly established her signature looks, and the return of her sunray pleats and frilled necklines won’t leave her followers disappointed.

Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 10 Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 12 Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 14 Juliette Hogan Summer 2009/2010 - 5

For stockists please visit http://juliettehogan.com/Stockists.htm

Review Written by – Amanda Haxton
Images courtesy of Showroom22 & Guy Coombes

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