Sera Lilly ‘Diaries of a Débutante’ S/S 09/10 Collection Review

SL 1Sera Lilly’s summer 09 collection ‘Diaries Of A Débutante’ is a melange of gorgeous dresses that are sure to further cement designer Sera Vaea’s position as Auckland’s queen of frocks.

The wide range of dress styles and colours might confuse those expecting a cookie cutter range, but the designer’s recent foray into bridal wear explains the concoction.

sl3Diaries Of A Débutante can be split into two sections; the first is a collection of cute flirty dresses in bright floral prints in jungle worthy colours.

sl10Asymmetrical necklines and a hint of striped and sequined fabrics keep the range completely on trend. This collection of dresses is 80’s influenced and continues with the indie club kid look that’s been growing in popularity for the past few seasons. No doubt this part of the collection will be seen on girls everywhere this summer as it has the effortless cool factor not seen since Mala Brackovich closed her doors – case in point- the asymmetric Serena Dress captured the hearts of most of Auckland’s young female population when it was featured in Viva last week.

sl4The second half of the range is far more subdued and formal, its heavy on lace, in dusty pink and black, and again a cute floral print, this time in black white and pink. The dresses are mostly tiered, both long and short, and once more, plenty of sequins and asymmetric necklines, its in these timeless gowns and dresses that Sera Lilly really excels, her frocks will be seen at every summer wedding in the coming months, such is her ability to create simple, gorgeous, and yet widely flattering dresses.

sl2The styling for the collection is by Dan Ahwa who also styled her Frieda Karlo-esque range at ANZFW 08, this season however, the styling is far more subdued, although I’m still hoping for some crazy headpieces or similar at her winter ANZFW show. It’s definitely a collection of dresses fit for a queen, I can’t wait to see what frocks she’s got lined up for ANZFW.

Sera Lilly Summer 2009/2010 Sera Lilly Summer 2009/2010 Sera Lilly Summer 2009/2010
Sera Lilly Summer 2009/2010 Sera Lilly Summer 2009/2010 Sera Lilly Summer 2009/2010
Sera Lilly Summer 2009/2010 Sera Lilly Summer 2009/2010 Sera Lilly Summer 2009/2010

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Review Written by – Amanda Haxton
Images courtesy of Showroom22 and Robert Hart

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