For the Love of Vintage – Wellington Vintage Store Shopping Guide

Hunters & Collectors - Racks of Clothes - Joanne ThomasVintage shopping expeditions are fun, fashionably rewarding and best done with groups of friends. Our Designer Direction vintage connoisseur; Roc Travers, takes us on a trip around Wellington city and reviews some of the best vintage clothing stores in New Zealand. Note:Our vintage loving Editor also had to get her 5c in the article by way of the rant-like introduction.

Scouring for vintage clothing delights is like hunting for treasure. It’s an exciting quest that may lead you to obscure op-shop’s nestled on forgotten back roads, through to high end vintage boutiques perched amidst designer stores. There is the thrill of the chase and elation at digging around and discovering the dress, suit or bag of your dreams. The sweet victory of knowing that it’s one of only a handful in existence and the best part of the finders keepers mission? Is only having to part with the equivalent of a Burger King combo in cash to make it all yours.

What other kind of shopping trip offers you an experience like this? None. Once you go vintage, you won’t want to shop any other way.

Hunters & Collectors - HC - Joanne ThomasHunters and Collectors
134 Cuba Street, Wellington
Hunters and Collectors is referred to in the bible as the promised land, I kid you not. This store doesn’t just hold delights for the clothing conscious fashionista but it is for anyone interested in anything vintage or retro. Filled with two levels of furniture, jewellery, shoes and gorgeous clothes, Hunters and Collectors multi-tasks in style. Twenty five years of love have gone into it’s making and it shows – even the music they play is amazing. The prices are not cheap but if you want an investment piece of impeccable quality from one of New Zealand’s most respected vintage stores, make sure that you shop here!

Covet: Everything, I kid you not.
Price Range:
Investment pieces so you are paying for good quality.

Hunters & Collectors - 2 Levels - Joanne Thomas Hunters & Collectors - Store Front - Joanne Thomas Hunters & Collectors - Car - Joanne Thomas

Recycle Boutique - In Store 1 - Joanne ThomasRecycle Boutique
209 Cuba Street, Wellington

Recycle Boutique is jam packed full of retro and vintage clothing and had I been allowed to, then I would have stayed in this store forever. The prices are very reasonable and not only do they sell to you but they can sell for you as well! Utter Genius. I love this store and it’s environmentally friendly stance to recycle. What stands out in this store is the amount of shoes they have! There are so many and they are all hot. Hot like the sun but more fashionable. This store is filled with all sorts of glory and I suggest you come and pick out one of your soon to be most treasured items.

Covet: Shoes
Price Range:

Recycle Boutique - Signage - Joanne Thomas Recycle Boutique - In Store 2 - Joanne Thomas Recycle Boutique - Interior - Joanne Thomas

photos of ziggurat 001Ziggurat
144 Cuba Street, Wellington

If Indiana Jones had been a vintage collector, Ziggurat is the kind of store he would have risked his life to get in to. Ziggurat holds such a range of material delicacies that it was enough to make me weak at the knees. This store is filled with luscious vintage clothing and a favourite I have picked up was a dress suit that came from the forties. Prices are in the higher bracket and that is because they sell quality, mint condition well made items. With a history of thirty years behind them, Ziggurat, likes it’s clothes have a charming and timeless elegance that you have to see to believe.

Covet: Antique dresses.
Price Range:

Ziggurat - Store Ziggurat - In store Ziggurat - In Store 2

Paper Bag Princess - Princess - Joanne ThomasPaper Bag Princess
209 Leftbank Lane, Wellington
Paper Bag Princess is such a treat! Nothing is over twenty dollars! You hear me? Nothing! I suggest everyone run in and grab a deal before they figure out that they are undercharging us for such wondrous items of clothing. Paper Bag Princess seems to be the missing link between op’ shop and vintage clothing store and it bridges that gap exceedingly well. I suggest you pop in everyday, which sounds excessive, but the shop is so darn popular that stuff flies out the door before you get the chance to get at it first! Trust me, Roc and his broken heart have missed out on many a trench coat.

Covet: Coats, coats and more coats.
Price Range:

Paper Bag Princess - Store Window - Joanne Thomas Paper Bag Princess - Racks & Shoppers - Joanne Thomas Paper Bag Princess - In Store & Dragon - Joanne Thomas

Aeon Boutique - Bag Wall - Joanne ThomasAeon
287 Cuba Street, Wellington
A true gem located at the far end of Cuba Street, Aeon offers a gloriously cute range of practical and pretty vintage pieces at an oh-so affordable price. How can you resist? The answer is – you can’t! Aeon boutiques owner; Amy Oakes, doesn’t just sell vintage she creates it as well! With a rack of her own line of deconstructed vintage in store and the ability to tailor and dress make, this girl is multi talented with needle and thread and she does it all at a very reasonable price. A new business at just six months old, Aeon is still great competition against the more established stores.

Covet: Hats & Bags.
Price Range:

Aeon Boutique - Store Front - Joanne Thomas Aeon - Amy & Roc Chilling - Joanne Thomas Aeon - Workspace - Joanne Thomas

Photography Credit: Joanne Honey Thomas
Ziggurat Images Only Courtesy of: Ziggurat

8 Responses to “For the Love of Vintage – Wellington Vintage Store Shopping Guide”
  1. globalinternational says:

    I like it!

  2. Baggins of the Shire says:

    I’m now going to go find that paper bag princess off cuba st! I never knew it was theeeere!

  3. roc travers says:

    man whoever wrote this sounds really hot

    • nzfashion says:

      Dear Reader,

      If you would the details for the author of this article, that can be arranged. He likes walks on the beach, milkshakes and playing the ukalele.

      Thanks for your comments,


  4. Gareth Palmer says:

    Roc, this is amazing. I really love this article thank you so much

  5. JC says:

    only a catholic would know where to find such brilliant things

  6. Tannia says:

    Great article! I see this was written in 2009, and since then an awesome vintage clothing shop called ‘Most Wanted Vintage’ has opened up in Aro Valley. They just had their first Birthday! You can check them out here:

  7. Wendy says:

    2012 almost at end – bring this site up to date please

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