Crossover to Launch at Reagan Lee Gallery Exhibition

Crossover LogoMark September the 5th on your calendar, because Crossover kicks off the launch of their new website at an exhibition being held at the Reagan Lee Gallery in Newmarket, Auckland.

An initiative headed by a passionate group of ex-students from Whitecliffe College and Elam School of Fine Arts, Crossover aims to bring together and support emerging artists across a diverse range of creative disciplines.

The Crossover exhibition will showcase a whole plethora of creative mediums from photographic works, fine art, installation, fashion, spoken word and fabric art. Accompanying the open evening are live performances by Aubrey Rodriguez, as well as guest artists from Literatti and other emerging musicians.

The Crossover vision is very similar to that of our very own Designer Direction, in that they want to bridge the gap between emerging artists and the creative industry to achieve mutual success. The Crossover crew plan to organise collaborative projects between creatives and their new website proposes to be a global portal for emerging and creative pupils in New Zealand and around the world.

Crossover Exhibition Details
Launch: September the 5th. Starts at 6:30pm.
Exhibition: Runs from September the 5th – 19th.
Venue:Reagan Lee Gallery, Level 1, 240 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland.

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