Lost Not Lonely ‘All Arrows Point This Way’ S/S 09/10 Collection Review

Lost Not Lonely - S/S 09/10 - Promo #1Following the much sought after debut winter collection Lower Valley Locals, Lost Not Lonely unleashes their new summer range for 09/10 that will have die hard fans hunting down stockists to get a pair, or three.

The summer collection entitled “All arrows point this way” is a little more subdued in design than it’s forefather, yet still maintains the interesting and playful aesthetic that we have come to love with Lost Not Lonely. Think, Valley Hopper and Dusty Bootish minus the youthful brashness and a little more tame and refined.

The palette this season is earthy with blush/nude hues and a touch of metallic to match whatever sun-kissed skin tone you are blessed with this summer. Colour experimentation, a Lost Not Lonely signature, sees bold contrasting and slivers of accents used to offset the colour continuity and to add extra interest.

Merley in brown (below left) is a perfect ambassador for designer Sara Smeath’s eye for blending colour, with a rusty animal print complemented with toffee milk brown and accented in merlot.

Lost Not Lonely - S/S 09/10 - Merley Brown Lost Not Lonely - S/S 09/10 - Merley Black Lost Not Lonely - S/S 09/10 - Poppy Black

Finally we bid farewell to the overstaying cousin aka the ‘gladiator’ style sandal that has been haunting shelves for far too many seasons and welcome home Lost Not Lonely’s Gracie and Katie Pie (pictured below) for the summer. Gracie makes an effortless transition from day-to-dance  in black or nude while Katie Pie is destined for romance, shopping, beaches and al fresco dining at dusk.

Lost Not Lonely - S/S 09/10 - Gracie Black Lost Not Lonely - S/S 09/10 - Katie Pie Bronze Lost Not Lonely - S/S 09/10 - Gracie Ivory

If you needed any convincing as to the ‘fox’ factor of Winnie, Merley or Dickson (pictured below) just check out this season’s ad’ campaign. It’s smouldering hot and provocative, portraying a sexy woman lavished in the aforementioned Lost not Lonely shoes and handbags. There is no denying the campaign sells the glam’ siren fantasy (the styling is immaculate don’t you think?) but the look isn’t so out of reach for us mere mortals.

Lost Not Lonely - S/S 09/10 - Winnie Mocha Lost Not Lonely - S/S 09/10 - Dickson Black Lost Not Lonely - S/S 09/10 - Winnie Brown

Love the class of Winnie in mocha but in rusty brown the shoe takes on a whole other personality, oozing a kind of confident, ‘I’ll eat you alive’, tigress ruling over her concrete jungle. Perhaps that’s just my fantasy…?

‘All Arrows Point This Way’ has a style for everyone and every occasion. Sandals, wedges, heels, from casual to roar and sexy to subtle. Once the collection hits stores this month, make sure that you get in really, really quick. Lost Not Lonely footwear is much coveted and very hard to get.

For more information and Lost Not Lonely stockists visit http://www.lostnotlonely.com

Review written by Melody Wehipeihana
Images kindly provided by Lost Not Lonely

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