NOM*d “Finding Cheerfulness” S/S 09/10 Collection Review

NOM*d - S/S 09/10In such tumultuous and volatile times, NOM*d is a bastion of effortless style and Margarita Robertson makes no bones about keeping to the NOM*d aesthetic, no matter what current trends may dictate. “Finding Cheerfulness” is a truly apt summation of the entire collection.

The general tone is optimistic and joyful with delicious warm and sunny colours mingling with rich midnight blues. Luckily, Finding Cheerfulness never strays into the saccharine territory to which many less experienced designers often fall prey.

NOM*d - S/S 09/10

The ensembles are classic NOM*d with their flowing, easy shapes. Personally, I adore this as it is so refreshing to see linens and silks revel in their own beauty rather than conform to conventional shapes, which only diminishes their magnificence.

Of course, the collection also has the rock and roll zest for which NOM*d has become so well known. A few swoops of denim, lace and plaid keep the collection real and help reassure us that while NOM*d may grow bigger ever year, she’ll never forget her Dunedin roots.

NOM*d - S/S 09/10

The huge emphasis on layering reminds me of those days of manic happiness where I find myself torn between a skirt and a pair of shorts and end up just chucking on both. Or, in the case of NOM*d, simply wear my skirt upside down for the heck of it. The sleeveless shirt over the lace undershirt under the vest oozes youthful nonchalance. The frayed edges further heighten the rebellious feel of the garments.

NOM*d - S/S 09/10

As for my personal favourites, I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on this molten lava print dress in cotton. It makes me yearn even more for our slowly but surely ripening spring. Also, the vintage shirts dress in mandarin and watermelon looks like it needs to be in my wardrobe pronto. I often see designers try to recycle and the end result is forced and the emphasis very much on the fact that the garment is recycled rather than on its actual beauty and style. However, recycling in Finding Cheerfulness, while plentiful, always looks organic and natural rather than forced and obvious.

So basically, if your life is going through a grey period and you need a hefty pick-me-up, wander over to your nearest NOM*d store and find a little cheerfulness from their SS09/10 collection.

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Review Written by – Kelly Jin
Images courtesy of NOM*d


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