Kagi ‘Midnight Oasis’ Jewellery Collection Review

Kagi Midnight OasisSince the creation of the greenstone tiki, New Zealanders had been waiting for the next big thing in original Kiwi jewellery. And then, out of nowhere, came Kagi.

Move over Michael Hill and Karen Walker, Kagi is the hottest name in jewellery right now. Kagi jewellery can be seen everywhere: on the necks of Auckland socialites, in glossy fashion mags, and on the runway, accompanying fashion by designers like Sera Lilly.

Former graphic designer Kate Gee is the talent behind Kagi’s handmade creations of freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and crystals. Her ‘Midnight Oasis’ range continues with Kagi’s trademark theme of elegance.

Kagi - Midnight Oasis Rock n Tumble Kagi - Midnight Oasis Lucy in the Sky Kagi - Midnight Oasis Inkymoon Kagi - Midnight Oasis Ezrah

The collection diverges from Kagi’s classic pink and white shades, going darker with predominantly black and brown, accompanied by touches of pewter, blue and the tiniest splash of orange. It has a strong Art Deco theme, with many bracelets taking on a fractured sculpture appearance.

The shapes are more angular than earlier collections; in particular, the beautiful ‘Deco’ cuff is a stark contrast from previous designs.

Kagi - Midnight Oasis Deco Cuff Kagi - Midnight Oasis Storm Kagi - Midnight Oasis Tiger Umi Kagi - Midnight Oasis Smoke & Mirrors

The pieces work well with current trends while remaining classic; the new ‘Rope’ and ‘Weave’ bracelets are the perfect accompaniment to headbands.

There are enough statement pieces in the collection to satisfy the cravings of costume jewellery lovers – you won’t blend in at summer parties wearing the ‘Lunar Eclipse’ necklace.

Kagi - Midnight Oasis LUnar Eclipsef Kagi - Midnight Oasis Button Bracelet Kagi - Midnight Oasis Eye of the Tiger Kagi - Midnight Oasis Sepia Alex Weave

Kagi has even revamped old classics with the introduction of transformable jewellery – turn your necklace into a bracelet or vice versa. It might not solve the economic crisis but it will save you a few bucks.

While the younger ‘Miss G’ range has been phased out, in its place are the super-cute ‘Mum & Me’ bracelets – which are perfect if you want to teach your daughter true style early on in life.

Review written by Amanda Haxton
Images provided by CocoPR


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