Crossover – the Creative Collective, Launches at Reagan Lee

Ya Kun Cai Fashion - Crossover - Winchey ZhengA group of young artists assembled on Saturday the 5th of September to launch the new website of creative group ‘Crossover’ -a collective of artists, photographers, fashion designers, poets and more. The group exhibits as a multi discipline unit, bringing together young creative kids of all shapes and sizes. Designer Direction’s Amanda Haxton, and Hannah McArdle attended the website launch to check out what Crossover was all about.

The Crowd - Crossover - Winchey ZhengCrossover founder Fifi Cheung has taken us aside; together we make our way through a crowded gallery into a little hidden backroom of Newmarket’s Reagan Lee Gallery building. It’s even more interesting back here, little bits of artwork are floating around, tins of paint and an excess of hors d’oeuvres waiting to be eaten.

An older group are on couches in the corner, presumably parents, and the Crossover artists are popping in and out asking Fifi about a problem with the projector. She laughs off the technical issues with a laid back attitude that’s surprising, given the impressive collective she has managed to pull together.

Musicians - Crossover - Winchey ZhengBack in the main gallery two guys are sitting in chairs in the corner next to a low microphone. Their hair is shaved, they look like skin heads, or less drastically, punks. Either way they are the last people you would expect to be playing guitars while a young poet reads aloud. Furthermore you wouldn’t expect to see them, or the poet, at a fashion exhibition – but bringing together seemingly random creatives is what the Crossover group is all about.

As well as photographer Fifi Cheung, the Crossover group is compiled of young artists across different creative disciplines. On Saturday night an assembled group exhibited or performed their work to a packed room of art lovers and fashionistas.

Ya Kun Cai Fashion – Crossover – Winchey Zheng Poet – Crossover – Winchey Zheng
Ya Kun Cai Fashion – Crossover – Winchey Zheng Artist – Crossover – Winchey Zheng

A core Crossover group was joined by several guest appearances, sharing their work on Saturday was Ya Kun Cai (fashion); Sin-Mae Chung (artist); Yayu Gao (artist); Majlinda Hoxha (photographer); Aubrey Rodriguez (photographer/poet); Jane Sullivan (photographer); Marigona Xharra (fashion); and a special Performance by the Literati, Miskatonic & Aubrey Rodriguez.

Crossover Crew – Winchey Zheng

Hannah and Amanda talked to Crossover founder Fifi Cheung about what they do, their vision and plans for the future.

Where did the dream begin?
The idea came about one year ago, it was finalised and we got a group of friends together. We were inspired by places like the UK and China how they have artist factories. We thought “Wait a minute, why isn’t there such opportunities in New Zealand? Why isn’t there anyone doing this or thinking about it?”

So we got together and asked “How do you feel about it?” and decided “ Yup we’re going to do it!” We came up with the name Crossover – its all about chances, opportunities and cross disciplines.

What specialties can join?
Anything! Anyone if you are passionate in your creative practice.

Reaction from the industry?
Quite alot! We are close friends with quite a few artists and they are very supportive of our ideas and want to help emerging artists. Hopefully we can establish a platform to bring them all together with mentoring.

So after tonight?
We will continue to do more shows together – mobile shows! We are always searching for new ideas to build up our reputation in new Zealand. Our ultimate goal is to have a factory! A real artists factory! We could transform it into a space and use it for everything from fashion events to music gigs and a gallery space.

Crossover is looking for expressions of interest from emerging designers and artists – to get in touch visit

This collaboration of forward thinking innovative designers is a breath of inspiring air! We look forward to many more exciting events and the crossover journey. Go on, get involved!

Photographer: Winchey Zheng

One Response to “Crossover – the Creative Collective, Launches at Reagan Lee”
  1. Thank you so much for your support and for coming to our first ever event. It was an honour to let you and all emerging artists out there know about Crossover, and be able to help them in our own creative industry! I will update myself with you guys and with what’s going on with Designer Direction. Thank you for the article… we can definitely feel your passion for art, and are highly grateful for your attention to detail and support. More power to you guys! And thanks again.

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