Runway Report:Diet Coca Cola Little Black Dress Show

IMG_0018From the moment the fashion illustrations went up round town on billboards, bus stops and at malls, The Diet Coke Little Black Dress show had a lot to live up to.

The iconic little black dress, made famous by Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, was given a modern day make over, by no less than ten off the hottest designer from New Zealand and Australia.

Kate Sylvester, Alice McCall, Yvonne Bennetti, Alpha 60, Juliette Hogan, Marine Skillings, Adrian Hailwood, Romance Was Born, Jimmy D and Kirrily Johnson each showed three pieces, which represented what the LBD meant to them. The ideas covered all types of fashion, from elegant, to sassy, to sexy through to the awe inspiring. Three of the ten designers stood out with ranges that couldn’t have been more different.

Alice McCall incorporated a little white into the range with the smallest of pinstripes forming the illusion of a cage around the models figure. A simple silhouette, which most resembled the original LBD , was elegant and yet striking. Using the same print a shorter version appeared with shaped shoulders and a black bottom half. Last of the trio was a sexy strapless mini dress, the epitome of the 2009 LBD.

James Dobson, of K Rd’s ‘Children of Vision Store’ showed a range that was the polar opposite of McCall’s. Loosely draped and only just skimming the models curves his range was ambiguous and mysterious. His use of fluid fabrics gave a feeling of ease to the dresses; making the LBD truly something you could throw on at any time and look the part.

The obvious crowd favourite Adrian Hailwood made his comeback to fashion week in style with his collection. Seemingly impossible shapes drew gasps from onlookers as they made their way down the catwalk – although the mini dress was just a bit too mini which may have been the cause for loss of breath. The architectural range took the LBD to a whole new level. Ingenious pleating made the dresses a clear standout, with the dresses pushing the limit of the term “wearable”.

Review written by: Amanda Haxton
Photography: Jane Sullivan


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