Runway Report:27Names & Juliette Hogan Autumn/Winter 2010

DSC02491Three of the brightest young talents in the New Zealand fashion industry teamed up on Monday for the most anticipated joint show of fashion week – 27 Names and Juliette Hogan.

Despite two very different feels to each brand the show flowed well together and 27 Names’ edgier collection complimented Juliette Hogan’s softer range perfectly.

27 names showed first, breaking from runway tradition with all their models walking out together at the beginning of the collection rather than the end.

The collection had a rock inspired feel to it, much darker than anything the Wellington based design duo has shown before. Puffed sleeves and exaggerated details on dresses and jackets were chic and androgynous when paired with white skirts with long draping cuffs. They were accompanied by skinny leg black pants and frayed tights.

Heavy knit jumpers, floppy wide brimmed hats, and textured waistcoats only added to the visual delights. Predominantly a white and black collection there was the occasional hint of corals and dusty pinks, adding a softer more feminine tone to the collection.

Heavy boots and John Lennon style glasses gave the collection a rock vibe; the loud profanities of Snoop Dog did nothing to dispel the growing feeling that 27 Names have decided to go badass.

Juliette Hogan showed a softer more feminine collection. Colour wise it blended well with the 27 Names section, again with touches of pink and purple to the otherwise largely oyster coloured collection. Over-sized knits made another appearance, this time in the form of a gigantic bow scarf which captured the hearts of many.

The huge bows just kept appearing on the cute school uniform style dresses, and frillier evening styles. There were plenty of maxi dresses in Juliette’ssunray pleat to keep the regular customers happy, and paired with the oyster tone and gorgeous Up Do’s the overall tone was quite bridal.

The two brands work well together especially with the current trends to mix and match feminine and masculine pieces. 27 Names in particular was a standout show, thought provoking, original and attention grabbing. Juliette Hogan played to her strengths and has no doubt delivered another crowd-pleasing collection.

Review written by: Amanda Haxton
Photography: Winchey Zheng

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