Runway Report:Cybele Autumn/Winter 2010

DSC02265It is 11.30 and I am rooted firmly to my seat half ecstatic with writhing joy and half anxious. The latter is due to the fact that what was supposed to be an 11.00 show has yet to show any sign of commencement. At about this point, I receive an agitated txt from a not-so-patient friend:

Whn is ths shw gonna strt? Am hungry.

I reply:

I dunno. U cn eat l8er.

Ten minutes and dozens of exasperated texts later, the lights darken and the eerie drum beats of Fever Ray fill the air. Alas, a model walks nonchalantly down the runway. The opening look is at once formidable with its diaphanous and sombre cloak billowing and emulating moth wings, a central theme in Cybele’s newest collection.

The dress beneath the cloak is seductively tight and body conscious like many of the other dresses featured in her collection. One of my personal favourites is a particularly gorgeous apricot sorbet coloured creation with a fan featured on the front – a perfect melange of innovative structure and wearability.

Another detail by which I am particularly struck is the usage of pintucks on sheer fabrics. It is done in such a way as to echo the rigid veins featured on the wings of insects thus again solidifying the core concept of the show.

And for those of you with hosiery fetishes, such as myself, do not despair! Cybele has your next must-have tights and they are absolutely fantastic with almond-shaped cutouts running down the legs.

The sheer fingerless gloves are also worth looking into as they look simply charming when paired with anything from delicate cocktail dresses to soft grey tunic capes.

Cybele’s use of upside down lilies to create almost tentacle-like objects is a refreshing alternative to the usual granny florals often served up by designers and also a testament to how far Cybele Wiren has come in the rather short span of six years.

And then before I know it, the show is over and my phone vibrates urgently. A new message:

Shw was gud as. Still hungry. Lets eat.

I sigh.

Ok. Let’s.

Review written by: Kelly Jin
Photography: Winchey Zheng

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