Runway Report:Sable & Minx Autumn/Winter 2010

DSC02477The fashion world has seen more than its fair share of crazy runway venues in its time, runways on wharves, in swimming pools or on trains. But why has no one experimented with seating before? It was high time someone stepped out of the comfort zone of fold out black chairs- and Sable and Minx did just for the Winter 2010 show at ANZFW.

A runway lined with round tea tables and chairs welcomed VIP guests to the Sable and Minx show. Tables were complete with tiered tea trays filled with yummy cupcakes, lamingtons and custard tarts; in true stereotypical fashion style most of these remained uneaten.

The collection continued in the tea party vein, as one after another sheer floaty cocktail dresses waltzed down the runway. The collection was a sea of green, ranging from mint through to lime, apple and emerald.

Prints that looked floral but verged on camouflage dominated the collection, continuing with Sable and Minx’s signature looks from last season.

Designer Theresa Brady returned to the shapes that have made the labels name; soft cowl necks, and utterly feminine draping. Maxi dresses made several appearances, some to be worn in their own right, and other sheer shifts worn as overdresses.

The collection then moved toward the dark side, with shimmery pewter tights accompanying dark sheer dresses with detailing that conveyed a feeling of medieval armour.

Accompanying the more sombre section of the range were touches of metallic silver and the occasional hint of purple. However, it was the designers plays on proportion and layering of sheer fabrics which made the palette of green hues standout above all others.

Over-sized necklaces made of baubles of fabric accompanied many of the outfits, adding a younger appeal to the quietly sophisticated range. Another flawless collection from Theresa Brady that delivers with clothing women can wear and look effortlessly glamorous.

Review written by: Amanda Haxton
Photography: Winchey Zheng

2 Responses to “Runway Report:Sable & Minx Autumn/Winter 2010”
  1. Huia Hamon says:

    Hi there. Great photos 🙂

    Theresa the Sable designer is a friend of mine as well as Claudia who designed the jewellery for the S & M Show.

    Would we be able to use some of these images if we credit Winchey Zheng? Or what would be the best way to obtain copies of these images for use?

    Thanks so much,
    Huia Hamon

    • nzfashion says:

      Hi Huia,

      Thank you for the feedback 🙂 I would have to ask Winchey if he wouldn’t mind the images being used, however it would depend on what you intended on using them for? Can you please email me the details of where you would like them to be used and I can ask Winchey. He is currently in China so his repsonse may take a few days also.



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