Runway Report:NOM*d Autumn/Winter 2010

nomd-runway-brett-stanley-4703Granted its only day two, however, if there were official awards for show style, thought and creativity, NOM*d would take all prizes. Usually rock inspired, this years show was caught in a different light. Designed to strike a chord in our thoughts of what exactly would happen if we got over our insecurities, moved on from current stress and unfortunate experiences and really, truly, let loose.

Sky City Theatre was the venue for the show, an interesting choice given the edgy nature of the clothes shown however, with everyone seated, NOM*d continue to surprise and delight us by the showing of a film to introduce the collection and spark the inspiration called “Turncoats”.

nomd-runway-brett-stanley-4685Directed by Kirsty Cameron and styled by Karen Inderbitzen-Waller, it was a story of development, with three main stages of life showing the innocence of children dressed in cute and virtuous whites prior to a meld of khakis and darks topped off with classic punk rock style Doc Martin boots with adolescence. Contrasting colours in oranges and reds with blues and purples are key for the well learned adult in gorgeous leather, velvet, wool jersey and sweat-shirting. Retrospective tailoring is evident in the pieces as are the solid and wearable designs as talked about in the collection brief “a wardrobe for visionaries, brave enough to find their own path”

Being a theatre with top down viewing, the disadvantage of seats further back was identified throughout the film. Detail was slightly blurred as those behind inch as far forward on their seats as possible. Of course we shouldn’t and don’t expect that this will be it as NOM*d is famous for outside the square shows; after the models take to the stage, they start a procession in their tribes around the entire length of the theatre. Big sighs of relief from those commenting as the clothes are brought right up close to everyone in attendance.

Even with the hour delay, NOM*d rocks it again with a very successful show.

Review by: Lou Draper
Photography by: Brett Stanley


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