Runway Report:Trelise Cooper Autumn/Winter 2010

03Trelise_Cooper_Calypso_PaoliPeople in their hundreds waited eagerly last night for what was possibly the biggest show on the fashion week schedule. Everyone wondered, loudly, what the hold up was. Even for fashion week this went beyond being ‘fashionably late’. When everyone was finally let in there was no need to enquire whose show it was, Trelise Cooper clothes were being worn by almost every impatient guest there.


Seemingly endless rows stretched down the long runway, each with its own pink Trelise goodie bag. Once everyone had taken their seats, and Keisha Castle-Hughes and Colin Mathura -Jeffree were safely settled front row centre, the show began. An eclectic soundtrack, lurching from Akon to Gin Wigmore, boomed out through the tent, kicked off by Lilly Allen’s sickly sweet ‘Fuck You Very Much’.

If the lyrics hadn’t already indicated that Trelise would be stepping outside her well established comfort zone then the first outfits left the audience in no doubt.

First up was the ‘Cooper by Trelise’ diffusion line. An array of acid bright colours, verging on fluro gave the range a younger feel. Dresses which employed blocks of yellow turquoise and hot pink were arrestingly eye catching.


One after another flirty dresses and statement jackets made their way down the runway. The Music came to and end and the crowd began to clap. But the lights remained dimmed and, just when you thought it was all over, out came the original Trelise Cooper label for another round.


A heavy Victorian influence was evident, but Trelise had raided the dress up closest and pulled up every and any trend to incorporate into the collection. Some outfits looked straight out of a period film, perhaps influenced by the designers recent foray into costume.


A focus on texture remained through both sections. Rope, lace, crochet, embroidery, sequins, beading and layers upon layers of frills adorned the cocktail dresses and prim blouses. Trelise’s signature tulle skirts and embroidered jackets were still there, but the younger sexier pieces shone through. Tangerine orange shift dresses and boyfriend jackets were right on trend. Trelise showed that just because your recipe is good doesn’t mean you cant taste something else for a change.

Review by: Amanda Haxton
Photography by: Calypso Paoli

3 Responses to “Runway Report:Trelise Cooper Autumn/Winter 2010”
  1. Nicky says:

    O.M.G!!!!! How jealous I am of all you fabulously talented Designer Direction folk who got to attend ‘THE BEST’ Fashion show on the New Zealand calender.
    Beautiful work guys!!!!

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