Runway Report:Adrian Hailwood Autumn/Winter 2010

Hailwood Runway - Alex Jiang - 23Adrian Hailwood’s return to Fashion Week was so hotly anticipated that people lied, cheated, pushed and fought their way into his show yesterday. And despite all this a 20-metre line of invited guests remained stuck outside when the show began.

It was unclear weather the guest list had exceeded venue capacity or weather Hailwood’s preview collection at the Little Black Dress Show earlier this week had wet the appetites of people who hadn’t been invited.

But the collection Hailwood showed yesterday was vastly different to the architectural black dresses he showed earlier in the week. Some, who had liked his originality, were disappointed in this highly wearable major collection. Others who had thought the black dresses unwearable were pleased with his second more commercially accessible range. There’s no pleasing everyone in the fashion world.

Hailwood Runway - Alex Jiang - 4Hailwood’s collection returned to his signature looks of earlier seasons. The electric blue lipstick made a reappearance as did powder blue suits and black dresses with panels of colour.

Hailwood Runway - Alex Jiang - 17New features included turbans in navy and lavender blue. Knife pleated dresses in yellow and tangerine orange. Luxurious silky fabrics and draped skirts contributed the 1920’s aspect of the collection. But there were also 80’s elements withoversized jumpers and a vast colour palette.

Hailwood Runway - Alex Jiang - 20There was a range of loose draped shapes and more structured pieces. And a variety of proportions and lengths, with some mini and some maxi dresses. Acid bright belts withover-sized buckles were the perfect accompaniment to Hailwood’s clothes, as were the patent uber high heels.

Hailwood’s show may not have been what many expected it to be, but it still showed a collection that reflects the label’s popularity and reputation. Just a pity so many people missed out on seeing it.

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Review by: Amanda Haxton
Photography by: Alex Jiang

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