Runway Report:GHD New Generation Show

GHD New Generation Show Runway - Alex Jiang - 52What do mobsters, crazy dinosaur outfits, swimwear, Bionic Pixie and hats have in common? Nothing, except that they were all in the GHD New generation show at Fashion Week.

Vastly different designers with a broad spectrum of clothing came together for fashion weeks biggest group show. Each was sponsored by their chosen partners who reflected the style and mood of what was to come.

GHD New Generation Show Runway - Alex Jiang - 12Chapel and Emma Ford Swimwear both embraced a colour palette of purple and muddy browns. While Isbim used tough leather jackets with hints of faux fur.

GHD New Generation Show Runway - Alex Jiang - 51Serena Fagence was the hands down favourite. Her personal friend Bionic Pixie performed live in one of the outfits that put Serena on the radar. Crazy gorgeous contradictions waltzed down the catwalk. They were covered with points that looked like dinosaur teeth in a black and metallic palette. It looked like it had come straight from a SciFi movie set.

GHD New Generation Show Runway - Alex Jiang - 26Michael Patterson with his Trix and Dandy range was a close second in the popularity ranks. Like Serena he employed a little extra showmanship and began his show with a mini mobster film, about the infamous Trix and the shady Dandy. The range was in a similar 1930’s mood, sexy dresses in ruby red prints, and suits with suspenders for the guys.

GHD New Generation Show Runway - Alex Jiang - 55Whiri continued with the visual aid trend; beginning the collection with a few candid shots depicting the people and characters of New Zealand we all know and love. Bright yellow dresses with black netted shoulders made a second appearance here with designer KeriWanoa participating in the Miromoda show earlier in the day.

GHD New Generation Show Runway - Alex Jiang - 64House of Ezis sent a modern black widow down the catwalk, covered head to toe in a black lace bodysuit. Set to ‘The Nutcracker’ the dark collection was made up of over-sized black jackets in wet look fabric.

GHD New Generation Show Runway - Alex Jiang - 84Tara Cuniffe ended the evening with architectural dresses with sculpted pleats in a soft lavender blue. The models wore matching hats that were a similar feat of engineering.

All the collections were vastly different, but all showed that the young New Zealand fashion scene has a bright future ahead of it.

Review by: Amanda Haxton
Photography by: Alex Jiang

For a full slideshow gallery of the entire GHD New Generation show click, click, click!

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