Runway Report:Kate Sylvester Autumn/Winter 2010

01_Kate_Silvester_Calypso_PaoliOutside it may be raining cats and dogs but inside Shed 6 it’s all about ‘em ‘Diamond Dogs’. The capacious and slightly grubby looking interior lights up, loud angsty music is unleashed from the speakers and the tour de force begins.

Diamond Dogs was the name of David Bowie’s 1974 album inspired by his own glamorous interpretation of an Orwellian post-apocalyptic world. Its influence on Kate Sylvester’s FW10 collection is evident with grey being the hue du jour.

However, despite the prevalence of grey shades, the collection does not fall into the all too easy ‘doom and gloom’ trap by adding a little metallic pizazz. Metallic trench coats and dainty tiaras certainly echo the ‘diamond’ aspect and also give a playful nudge to the current recessive economy.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Kate Sylvester without a bit of harmless girlish fun. I hardly think it a surprise that the shirt worn under the tunic look comprises a fairly decent portion of the show. However, the look manages to escape appearing common as Sylvester’s usage of soft diaphanous fabrics evoke a sense of maturity.

Her inclusion of plush fur jackets also aligns with the generally sophisticated tone of the show while simultaneously alluding to the latter part of the collection’s title.

And for those of you who have not yet invested in some nautical striped item of clothing, you should probably get round to doing so soon for, while the title may not suggest it, Diamond Dogs is certainly not exempt from the increasingly ubiquitous sailor inspired top.

And now for my favourites!

A frothy strawberry milkshake coloured dress comprised of gorgeous swatch-like bits of fabric coupled with a light knit cardigan. Also, a dark boyfriend jacket with a tie-dyed bra.

On a lighter note, one of the highlights of the evening was a male model dressed in a chemise-like dress looking quite dragtastic as he walked down the runway attracting genuinely sympathetic looks from the male attendees. Well, some of the male attendees…

Review by: Kelly Jin
Photography by: Calypso Paoli

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