Runway Report:Basquesse Autumn/Winter 2010

DSC02956With exotic blood running through her veins, the artistic architect of label Basquesse has inherent artistic flair. Describing her winter 2010 collection, Mara, as “warm, wild and sexy” Peruvian native Vivianna Pannell is an artisan storyteller born from a creative gene pool which saw her inherit both her grandmothers’ artistic panache.

At this year’s ANZW, Viviana delivered her 2010 winter collection to a packed house humming with fashion language and appraisal. A product of her creative subconscious; her “Dreams” and with Mother Nature as inspiration, Viviana’s “Mara” collection was rich in cultural flavour.

Experimenting with leather, silk chiffon, organza, tweed and safari patterns, the Mara collection was a fusion of fashion genres. A collection which introduced two unique yet highly compatible companions – the 1950’s sweetheart and the African princess – Mara featured elegant gowns, skinny trousers, feathered coats, capes and an overall eclectic charm. Contemporary and nostalgic themed pieces were adorned with shimmery embellishments which told tales of lush sunsets and desert savannahs. The favoured pieces from a consistent collection were a long feather “chopstick dress” and leather appliqué cape.

Whilst experimenting with a broad pallet of colour, Viviana has stayed true to her Basquesse roots with Mara, utilising the true reds and midnight blacks she “just cannot get away from”. As a designer who professes to “working in reverse to most designers and creating the concept first ”, her attention to fabric and detail moves beyond aesthetic beauty and transcends into ethicality as Viviana endeavours to use imported boutique mill fabrics and non – toxic dyes whenever possible in her collections.

If you missed Basquesse at fashion week, Viviana’s dreams can be yours for the keeping. Visit or the store at Customhouse Quay in Wellington.

Review by: Kate Pierson
Photography by: Winchey Zheng


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