Runway Report:Federation Autumn/Winter 2010

federation-runway-brett-stanley-6472The saying goes there’s nothing as boring as watching paint dry on the walls. But street wear label Federation managed to capture the attention of NZ fashion’s elite by dribbling different coloured paint down a wall and letting them watch it dry.

federation-runway-brett-stanley-6448To be fair there was a fashion show going on at the same time. The Paint wall was part of Federations Winter 2010 show at Air New Zealand Fashion Week on Friday. The theme continued with paint bucket goodie bags and models whose hands dripped brightly coloured paint.

federation-runway-brett-stanley-6491The collection matched the paint on the wall using primary colours like bright yellows, black, white, red, blue and a hint of green.

federation-runway-brett-stanley-6509There was lots of white washed denim for both girls and guys, and Federation continued with trends seen earlier in the week for chunky knitwear and scarves tied into bows.

federation-runway-brett-stanley-6513T-shirts with quirky slogans and prints were staples and were worn with wet look black rain jackets and washed jeans.

federation-runway-brett-stanley-6559A tougher edge had been added with the introduction of some leather pieces including basketball style jackets and hoodies and a flattering leather bodice for the girls.

federation-runway-brett-stanley-6486There were no florals or fussy prints to be seen at this show, just a simple check a couple of stripes and some extremely bright fluro yellow tights.

federation-runway-brett-stanley-6555The styling experimented with unusual layering; with bodice tops over hoodies and knit scarves tied around the hair. Most of this looked great except for the leotard worn over the yellow tights which left the model looking like the incredible Federation superwoman. Not an attractive look even if she did have super powers.

Federation’s knack for casual street wear keeps everyday clothing interesting, and no where near as boring as watching paint dry.

For a full gallery of the Federation collection click here

Review by: Amanda Haxton
Photography by: Brett Stanley


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