Deadly Ponies Bewitches With Winter Range

017There should be a warning or hazard sign, before being newly introduced to ‘rocking’ leatherwear and jewellery that will immediately make you think to A) Skip your grocery shopping for the week. B) Drain the very life out of your savings. C) Beg, borrow and steal money from your parents or friends. However, if you are unashamedly love-sick, maniacal fanatic of Deadly Ponies, I’m afraid you will unquestionably suffer from D) all of the above. You have been warned.

Absolute technicians in leather, Deadly Ponies designer Liam Bowden says Mexico’s anticipated festival ‘Day of the Dead’ is the founding theme for his and Katie Smiths 2010 winter range. “Forever Freedom” – a celebration of life and honouring the dead are referenced throughout the collection with fine detailing of frilling, ribbons, stunning leather rib-bone framework pieces and enchanting imagery of skulls. Incorporating clever subtlety is the new addition of heat stamped embossing, imparting a charming texture.

Deadly Ponies AW 10 - Tux Hika

Leather Rib Bone Bag

Colour du jour within the range is a cool but slightly desaturated blue. Pale pink, pavement grey and ink black complete the range, updating any wardrobe. Buttery signature leathers, real black and white mottled calf skin brings a unique factor to the collection. Merging of chiffon and leather becomes an intertwined web of unfinished edges, tied into a bow meeting in the middle like a spider patiently waiting for its prey.

If anyone was not aware, Deadly Ponies also have a great selection of charismatic designer garments too. Biker themed jackets have a cool-cat edge with double-breasted zip detailing. Cotton jersey tops feature chinchilla-like rabbit fur adorning the shoulders.

Jewellery! The jewellery for ‘Deadly Ponies Precious’ is stand-alone unique that will leave you bewitched. It may be morbid to some as there are miniature skulls carved from bone set on delicate necklaces; silver, bronze and gold moulds of swamp hens and sparrow feet which are amazing. Rosary beads made from European coral and everyone will love the Deadly Ponies  push-me pull-you piece.


Deadly Ponies Precious Jewellery

Bags are available in February and the Deadly Ponies Precious range is available now at selected stores.

Visit the Deadly Ponies website for more information –

Review by: Jason Tapuai-Kuka
Images: Tux Hika


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