Runway of Drama at D&A Fashion Show

Raw Beauty D&A - Ashleigh RolfeAlthough Rapunzel, Marilyn Munroe and Lady Gaga were born from unique creative eras, there was a place for iconic clothing associated with each of these women on last night’s runway at the D&A “Raw Beauty” fashion show in Christchurch.

Offering a theatrical and thematic show as their final fashion extravaganza for 2009, first through third year students from the D&A showcased their interpretation of both classic and modern day fairy tales, fiction and fantasy. For Raw Beauty’s creators it was about romanticised horror and a fusion of fashions to fit.

Raw Beauty D&A - Ashleigh RolfeWith a strong emphasis on recycling, sustainability and natural products, students told visual stories of aspiration, deceit and celebration with their designs.

Raw Beauty D&A - Ashleigh RolfeCaricature inspired costuming accompanied chic and romantic skirts, dresses and suiting and sweet accolades of childhood memories were imbued in the themes of second year garments. Although each segment was thematically and aesthetically unique, recurrent trends were carried throughout the show, paying homage to 2009 fashion vogue.

DSCF0592Outfits with bold, handcrafted jewellery and garments adorned in feather and sequin embellishments were aesthetic relations to those featured at this year’s Air New Zealand Fashion Week. But whilst D&A students strategically adopted current commercial trends, they also infused their looks with wild flavour and a touch of the sweet. Literally.

Raw Beauty D&A - Ashleigh RolfeThe fashion attitude less is more was once again adopted by students designing for Raw Beauty. Risqué silhouettes evocative of those featured in the D&A “Cover Story” show in May were inherited by many of the collections on show which honoured the beauty of the human form. Sweet but sexy lingerie on offer was the fashion equivalent of a burlesque like carnival.

DSCF0239Stand out garments for the evening saw feather adorned tulip skirting married with rich leather and sky high heels. Classic maxi dresses were complimented by Grecian and empire lines and a return to the ultra feminine pastel pinks brought to life every little girls dream of being a doll.

Raw Beauty D&A - Ashleigh RolfeOnce again the success of the D&A student showcase came down to the artisan craftsmanship of the designs, the flawless hair and makeup and the overall student ability to make a creative vision a reality. It really was seamless teamwork. Whilst some pieces garnered more audience appreciation than others, each collection was commendable and undeniably the product of raw tactile and visual talent.

Reviewed by: Kate Pierson
Photography: Ashleigh Rolfe


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