The SS10 Monster: Trend Report Part 1

Kelly, our Designer Direction trend addict, will be bringing you the top trends of SS10 New York, London, Milan and Paris. So prepare to be treated to small doses of fashion fabulosity as she doles out two trends per day.

Ready for your first injection?

Underwear as Outerwear

As a wee girl, I had a penchant for flimsy, frilly skirts, which, much to my dismay, would billow this way and that in the Auckland wind thus revealing my knickers beneath. A mother of a close friend told me that the solution to this problem was to wear pretty underwear. Of course, I scoffed at this silly suggestion for it still wouldn’t get to the root of the issue, that being visible underwear. I mean who would want their underwear to show? Right? Well, according to the runways of SS10, just about every designer in town!

Galliano lead the way in July showcasing satin slips, fifties bras and garters in his Christian Dior couture show.

Dior Trends

Christian Dior

The latter seems to be this season’s ‘it’ accessory. Even several of our Kiwi designers including Salasai featured these boudoir delights during ANZFW.

Salasai - Calypso Paoli


Others who hopped onto the lingerie bandwagon included Dolce and Gabbana, who whipped up a flurry of lacy innerwear sets.

Dolce Trends

Dolce & Gabbana

Marc Jacobs, ever the adventurous one, decided to place satin bras on top of his shirts and even went by way of Superman by featuring matching satin underpants on the outer part of one of his shorts.

Marc Trends

Marc Jacobs

For the cool, indie set, Erin Wasson x RVCA’s collection was riddled with peekaboo lacy bras under grungy ninetiesesque tops.

Erin Trends


So, this season, don’t be a prude, and channel your inner bedroom sexay into outer everyday chic!

The Sheer Market

While shares may be looking less than desirable, sheers are red hot! Along with visible lingerie, the use of sheer material is SS10’s most ubiquitous trend. The fashion weeks of SS10 have seen diaphanous, translucent materials trump bold, clean cut lines. It seems Obama’s bid for transparency has extended from the White House to as far as Les Tuileries.

One of my personal favourite interpretations of the sheer trend was that of A.F Vanderforst who juxtaposed beautiful sheer sandy beige blouses with bolted body casts and tucked wispy thin shorts into flesh toned stockings thus achieving a most spectacularly liquid effect.

Afvan Trends

A.F Vanderforst

On the other end of the spectrum, Alexander Wang opted to contain the somewhat almost vague floatiness often generated by sheer materials through blocking off transparent pieces with solid fabrics.

Wang Trends

Alexander Wang

The most practical and versatile sheer look, in my opinion, was by the fabulous Marco Zanini, the creative director for Rochas, who placed gorgeous sheer cardigans and vests over floral bras thus killing two birds with one proverbial stone. And that ephemeral white dress? To-die-for!

Rochas Trends


Well, must dash as I have to rummage through my wardrobe for satin bras and sheer anything! Check out Designer Direction tomorrow for more on SS10. Ciao!

Written by: Kelly Jin
Images sourced from & Salasai image courtesy of Calypso Paoli


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