The SS10 Monster: Trend Report Part 3

For our third instalment of the SS10 Monster, I must admit that I feel a wee bit like an imposter. With the trends du jour being so unapologetically sporty and urban, I almost feel compelled to write something cool and hip or perhaps even put this review in rap form. But, of course, seeing as I have already used the word ‘hip’, I may as well abandon all hopes of any street cred and just report these damn trends. So, here we go!

A Different Sort of Biker Chick

No, I don’t mean moody, leather clad, studded punk rock types on Harleys. I’m thinking Lance Armstrong but chick form. This season, cycling shorts are all the rage. Yes, you read that correctly. Cycling shorts. Those tight spandex shorts worn by that guy who pedals down your street every morning dripping in sweat and tears, is now the very incarnation of chic.

Sonia Rykiel put a colourful, girly twist on the biker short while DKNY generally opted for simple black but showed one funky pink peekaboo short… under shorts!

Sonia Rykiel

Sonia Rykiel



Meanwhile, at Comme Des Garçons, Rei kawakubo, ever the conceptualist, polka dotted these delicious specimens of spandex, which were worn over opaque black tights.

Comme Des Garçons

Comme Des Garçons

I’m guessing that biker shorts are meant to be this season’s answer to leggings and it’s only a matter of time before High Street chain stores such as Supré and Glassons get their hands on them.

It’s all Good in the Hood

Once reserved solely for hardened streetwise youngsters and people who had been caught in the rain without umbrellas (totally moi), the hood is the newest addition to many a fashionista’s wardrobe.

Nicholas Ghesquière who is always full of surprises, opened his Balenciaga collection with several hooded leather vests while Gareth Pugh cooked up some Zambesiesque panelled creations.



Alexander Wang stays true to the urban look of the hood plus some american football inspired getups here and there while Bruno Pieters creates a more ‘Lady Gaga’ aesthetic with his soft, loose hood.

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang

Bruno Pieters

Bruno Pieters

Although, as tempting as those hooded looks are, I must say I still prefer going hoodless even if I have to resort to using shopping bags as makeshift shelter or stealing a bit of coverage by getting in creepily close to a person carrying an umbrella. What do you make of this trend? Yay or nay? Lady gaga demands an answer!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

So, it’s a wrap… for today, that is. Check back tomorrow for part four of the SS10 Monster! Trust me, it’ll beat some of those other lamo ‘monsters’ you see on Halloween. Well, ciao!

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Written by: Kelly Jin

3 Responses to “The SS10 Monster: Trend Report Part 3”
  1. Fashionsister says:

    I like Bruno Pieter’s interpretation of the hood but not the others.

    • kelly says:

      I completely concur!

    • Melody says:

      I disagree! Ghesguire did a great take on the hood. It’s strong, sexy and a little astro-chic with the shape. AND he’s used leather, surely he get’s some up’s for that?!

      Pieter’s are pretty but a little too burqua-ish for my personal taste. I think if I could see them extended out to drape about the face, I may be swayed.

      I’m a hood fanatic and would loved to have seen a bit of little red (riding hood) or oversized hoods – especially using sheer fabrics.

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