Pop-up Store Survival Tactic Brings Hope to Town

The pop-up store concept is quite a clever ploy ‘marketing initiative’ in that it creates a sense of urgency with the fashion hungry consumer. Now you see it, now you dont and if you aint fast to get yourself down to the disappearing store, you are undoubtedly last, and left with nothing but a wardrobe come ghost town that mourns for the bargains that never were.

There is a simple lesson to be learnt to ensure one is not left fashionably bereft, so take heed. Make absolutely sure that you get shotgun at the front of the queue at the opening. Hustle if you have to. Remember the survival of your wardrobe is at stake.

It’s not a science it’s a shopping tactic and with the truckload of pop-up stores hitting our high streets, you need to be prepared.

At that we give you that latest pop-up store planning to go down, or up? Hopetown! See the details below.

Hopetown Popup

But while we are at it, we wanted to give a gentle reminder of a few other pop-up stores coming your way.

Alexandra Owen is about to break into the Auckland retail market with her pop-up store opening on November 7th through until November 29th at 44 Broadway. Newmarket, Auckland.

ALexandra Owen at ANZFW 09

Alexandra Owen

Michael Pattison goes pop-up with his Trix & Dandy store open until the 16th of December at 16 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.

GHD New Generation Show Runway - Alex Jiang

Trix & Dandy at the GHD New Gen' Show

Words: Melody Wehipeihana
Image Credits: Hopetown, Jane Sullivan, Alex Jiang


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