Oyl Launches Summer Collection at Repertoire

Oyl Summer - Tux HikaAfter many guilt-ridden wintery months spent consuming giant slabs of chocolate, cupcakes, pies (always blown on) and other sugary and lardy things, it was time for a wakeup call, a reminder that summer and her army of cellulite exposing and love handle clinging vestments was well on its way. Enter Oyl, a NZ brand with two lovely Kiwi lasses, Nicola and Vicky, at the helm. On a fine crisp yet summery evening last week, Oyl showcased their spectacular summer collection.

008Inspired by the tragic character of Ophelia from Hamlet, Oyl’s summer collection is ethereal and makes wonderful use of movement in fabric. The child like music during the show was particularly apt as the first model ambled down the street pushing a bicycle along thus capturing the naïveté we associate with Ophelia.

The colour palette was generally very understated with neutrals and greys dominating the outfits. Keeping in line with the traditional Kiwi aesthetic, there was also a significant amount of black. I quite enjoyed the marriage of the wispy, diaphanous fabrics with dark sombre hues lending, at times, a very gothic aura.

This collection, like all of Oyl’s previous ones, had a very carefree feel and the use of draping accentuated this aspect. In fact, most of my favourite pieces incorporated some form of draping or another.

Oyl - Tux Hika

Personally, I felt most drawn to this floral dress (pictured above right) as it looked utterly wearable yet distinguished itself from other garden partyesque dresses via the draped sides and unique form. When the model sashayed through the store in this delicious look, I sensed several women burning holes through the dress with the intensity of their desire for it.

011The biggest crowd pleaser was probably this stunning bridal gown. For me, the dress looked as though it were dripping in mystery and the layers of draped chiffon seemed to awaken an odd sense of nostalgia. It would have fit just as perfectly into dear Ophelia’s armoire as it would the modern woman’s wardrobe.

By the end of the evening, after having stared down some intensely beautiful garments, I am grateful to Oyl for having reminded me that summer rays are not far away and it’s time to get ready to lounge in draped floral dresses while clinking wine glasses and sporting paper parasols. Hopefully, with this modest snapshot of the label, you, dear reader, also feel inspired to get oyl’d up this summer!

Written by: Kelly Jin
Photography: Tux Hika


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