Brilliant Idea for Creatives In Need of a Workspace

Society of Brilliant Ideas LogoThe Society of Brilliant Ideas is a new arts collective focussed on bringing together a whole bunch of creative disciplines; artisans, designers, crafty folk and the like.

The society has a few ideas up their sleeve and they aim to offer members the opportunity to network, share ideas and collaborate. The brilliant part is that everyone comes together under the same roof, either renting out a communal spot in a collective space or taking up residence in a more private studio.

There are plans to create a separate space that can be used for gatherings, events, workshops and exhibitions. The bonus is, it’s affordable and comes packaged with great minds that think alike, a-la your new neighbours.

Society of Brilliant Ideas ViewBrilliant idea? We think so.

The collective have secured amazing premises at 35 High St in Auckland central and the 6th floor is where all the action is going to take place. The venue is secure and the society will provide broadband, warm and light rooms to work in, opportunities to be involved in their publicity, art and craft projects and more.

Do you want in? If you do, you had better get in quick as there are only a handful of spots left. There are a few options available if you would like to become a member including;

Collective Membership – $40 per week excluding expenses
Free access to the collective making space which has furniture, partitions and a locker. Ideal for artists on a budget, or who work and only need a part-time studio.

Studio Membership – $100 per week excluding expenses
Your own studio space. These spaces will be able to be booked permanently or on a weekly basis for members who need their own studio just for a while.

A Half Studio Membership – Available for $50 per week

For more information and images of the space, please visit;

If you would like to discuss options, pricing or anything else contact;
Rachelle: 021 02221812 or Claire: 021519666

Words: Melody Wehipeihana
Images: Courtesy of SOBI


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