Final Boarding Call for Style Christchurch. Destination:Fashion Utopia

Style_Chch_004There were countless fashionistas on board the Style Christchurch plane departing the Isaac Royal Theatre last Thursday night. Stylist Andhy Blahke, the pilot for the fashion flight, took the concept of in flight entertainment to new heights.

Three leading collections,

Two hot sets from Ladi 6,

One atmospheric venue; and we were ready for takeoff.

The aviation menu was designer indulgence; Sakaguchi, Stitch Ministry, Ruby Boutique, Annah Stretton, Emma Ford and legendary, Zambesi; the options were endless and we were on a journey of discovery – discovering the future of style for summer 2009 and winter 2010.

Andhy Blake & Models

Andhy Blake & Models

Salt and pepper styles – Style CHCH was all about different but complimentary flavours. Five favoured looks saw grungy doc martins making a comeback as a transcendent accessory. Paired with black rats, heavy layering, chiselled tailoring, ultra feminine and sixties chic, a vocal audience was transfixed on their transportation to fashion central.

While Annah Stretton and Ruby Boutique played it stylistically safe, their ultra feminine, flirty ranges had girls on the edge of their seats. Ruby offered sweet flowing jackets and sweetheart dresses with tom- boy, boy leg jump suits and Stretton’s trademark tiered, pastel skirting was matched with grungy footwear.

Annah Stretton

Annah Stretton

Emma Ford was a hit and miss with repetitive, eclectic fabrics but a one piece, skin tight jumpsuit drew passenger praise as did multiple backless pieces adopted by designers. Hot pink popped in butterfly sleeve mini dresses and splashes of colour throughout the flight through fashion fantasies were a refreshing contrast to favoured neutral tones.

Emma Ford

Emma Ford

Zambesi and Nom D stole the show with their staple dark hues and effortless edge – layers on layers and Sakaguchi was all about indulgence with long and short elegant evening wear.




A trend we are becoming quite attached to; fringing is the fashion future. Tassled fringing on tops, pants and dresses, this summer and winter, Native American inspiration is checking in for the long haul with New Zealand’s fashion elite adopting this look left, right and centre.

Being the official fashion show for Christchurch Cup and Show Week meant we wanted big things from Style CHCH as we checked in for the night. Thanks to Andy Blahke and his crew of fashion pioneers, we were happy travellers.

Review by: Kate Pierson
Photography: Supplied by Christchurch Style

5 Responses to “Final Boarding Call for Style Christchurch. Destination:Fashion Utopia”
  1. Emily says:

    Hi Just wondering who was the designer of the 1st outfit/photo??? Love it……

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