Part 2:Planning Your Fashion Design, Production & Sales Calendar

Last week in Part 1, we uncovered the heart of every fashion design business which is planning your design, production and sales calendar, or ‘FDPC’ for short. This week in Part 2 we finish the ‘need to know list’ complete with the last four areas that you need to plan for during the year. But it gets better, we also have a surprise from our designer friends at Nyne

The need to know list, Part 2
To refresh your memory, last week we covered the first four FDPC essentials that you need to plan for including; designing your collection, buying fabric, pattern making and costing your garments. This time around we list the last (but not least) four parts of the FDPC.

You need to know at what stage you should;
5.Get your lookbook shoot done
While you know your collection inside out, trying to sell it to someone verbally without images is going to be tough. Also cloaking your collection in mystery and attempting to sell it as the ‘next biggest thing’ is not the best idea. Remember that a buyers time is limited and they don’t really want to listen to a half an hour run down of your design inspiration over the phone.

Nyne Summer Collection

Nyne Lookbook SS10

Nyne Summer Collection

Nyne Lookbook SS10

Solution? Give them the short and sweet version of your collection and then wow them with your professionally presented lookbook.

6.Start selling your range to stockists
It may be a cliché, but timing my friend, is everything. From a retailers standpoint they have an allocation of money to invest per season and if you get to them too late into, or worse, after their buying round, you will miss out. On the flip side, if you go out too early to sell, they may not be ready to buy and turn you down.

Taylors Boutique - Calypso Paoli

Taylors Boutique

The key is to be organised. Consult your FDPC and plan when to start contacting all your potential stockists and then book your sales appointments accordingly. Before you hit the road to sell, gather up your sample garments, a plentiful supply of hardcopy lookbooks to give out and don’t forget your price list!

7.Produce or manufacture your collection
Producing your collection is possibly the most crucial step in the FDPC. The groundwork has been done and now it’s time to churn out the orders.

For most new designers the manufacture of garments will be done in-house, but if you are outsourcing the production to a contractor it is imperative that you book and confirm well in advance that they are able to do the work. Almost every other designer in New Zealand is running to the same schedule as you, so it’s a race to secure contractors. You do not want to be left with orders to fill and with no-one to make the clothing.

Do not leave organising this to the last minute, I repeat do not leave this until the last minute.

8.Deliver your collection to stockists (on time)
If you make a promise to deliver an order on a certain date – stick to it, but if you can’t, be honest and courteous and ensure that you keep your stockists in the loop.

Something to consider is, if your shipment is late you miss out on precious ‘selling’ time where you could have had your garments swinging on and then off the rack to a happy customer. You also compete against other labels for the consumer dollar. If your collection is out of a customers sight, it’s out of their mind and you may find loyalty to your brand waiver as your ‘regulars’ seek out other labels to fill the wardrobe gap yours has left.

Getting started on your own FDPC
We have covered the reasons why it’s important to plan your FDPC, but we wanted to make it just that much easier for you. So, to ensure that you are on the right track we have also included a copy of a full year, fashion design production chart that you can download and print to use yourself! It’s not just any old FDPC either. It’s tested and true, used religiously by Tina Patrick and the New Zealand design team at NYNE.

Miss Part 1 of this article? Get it here

Click to download the printer friendly version of this article:Part 2_Planning Your Fashion Design Production Sales Calendar_DesignerDirection
Click to download your very own FDPC courtesy of NYNE: FDPC Full Year Production Chart

Written by: Melody Wehipeihana
Image credits in order of appearance: Nyne, Calypso Paoli, Paulo Corrêa de Carvalho.

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