Showroom 22 Media Day & Designer Fashion Show

Juliette Hogan - Tux Hika

After rushing through the veritable wind tunnel that is High Street, I enter Showroom 22 where everything is orderly. The long narrow room is lined with racks of gorgeous clothing for AW10, by designers from the Showroom 22 family including Alexandra Owen, Sera Lilly, Juliette Hogan, Twenty-Seven Names, Beth Ellery, Sherie Muijs, Bettina Liano and even some of the fabulous AUT rookies!

Showroom 22 Media Day - Tux Hika

Showroom 22 Media Day Crowd

The show scheduled to begin at 3.30 commences at a not-so-punctual 3.55pm, but I am certainly not complaining as it gives me more time to ogle people’s clothing.

The opening look by Alexandra Owen is no less than formidable; the immaculately tailored white shirt for which she has become so well known is paired with a sensuous sheer black skirt and a curious looking loosely plaited leather scarf is draped around the model’s neck. I applaud the styling and covet the white shirt yet, although it’s a mere drop in the bucket as next up is ‘that’ shawl collared jacket from fashion week – pictured below.

Alexandra Owen - Tux Hika

Alexandra Owen

Several looks later, we arrive at an ensemble by Ingrid Starnes, a newcomer and potentially the next big thing. We are told before the show starts that we may expect to see a great deal more of her next year. Starnes; look is clean cut and a wee bit nostalgic.

Ingrid Starnes - Tux Hika

Ingrid Starnes

My favourite looks of the day, however, came from Twenty-Seven Names. One was a heavenly ensemble consisting of a beautiful white felt hat, an ivory coloured chunky knit cardigan and a soft off-white dress paired with white tights.

twentysevennames - Tux Hika


The other was a spectacular khaki parka with the most interesting symbols printed on the back. Clean cut black pants and a chic white shirt nicely counter-balanced the urban feel of the parka. Sensible with an edge.

twentysevennames - Tux Hika


Of course, not all of the styling was quite as restrained. One of the looks by Glassons featured a tall paper crown on the model’s head and I was not sure if it was a reference to Lady Gaga’s getup at the VMAs or the Burger King guy. Or, perhaps it was neither.

Glassons - Tux Hika


Sera Lilly - Tux Hika

Sera Lilly

Juliette Hogan - Tux Hika

Juliette Hogan

After the show is over, the seats are rushed out of the room. In fact, at this point, I become quite the hindrance as I continually end up in the way of the people moving the benches. If any of them are reading this, I do apologise. I was simply trying to find the restroom. Any who, people begin to dig into the sushi and chug down some more wine as I admire the green and red balloons attached to the impressive looking goody bags and inspect the clothing up close.

Sera Vaea & Murray Bevan - Tux Hika

Sera Vaea & Murray Bevan

Showroom22 Goody Bags - Tux Hika

Showroom22 Goody Bags

Later, I brace myself as I leave the orderly world of Showroom 22 and expose myself to what seems to be a horizontal tornado spiralling down High St.

Words: Kelly Jin
Photography: Tux Hika

3 Responses to “Showroom 22 Media Day & Designer Fashion Show”
  1. Jason says:

    Nice work Kelly!

  2. kelly says:

    Haha, thank you 🙂

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