Bay of Plenty Polytech Showcases Future Fashion Dictators

Shari Boyes - Sans Images

The Bay’s fashion family joined excited spectators at the Bay of Plenty Polytech ‘Infuse’ student fashion show held in Tauranga on Monday. RPM, Riddle Me This, Lower and familiar faces from local boutiques and media all gathered to celebrate the hard work put in from first and second year fashion students. Jason of Designer Direction was there, front row and taking notes on the designers to watch out for.

Upon entering the arena of our future dictators of fashion, I was staggered to see how incredibly planned everything was. The catwalk was leveled with the seating and arranged like what you see at fashion week, with front-row reservation cards displaying names of invitees. A high ceiling with a large projector screen at the entrance of the catwalk added drama and was made more impressive with the addition of a large crystal chandelier suspended above the runway.

First to show were the year ones and the theme was Aviation. There were many interpretations and I have to point out that the level of quality was both good and great. For anyone who has studied fashion, you undeniably cannot help but look at the quality of the sewing and fit – and I know that the first years will forever be cursed with this anal quirk.

BOP Polytech Infuse - Sans Images BOP Polytech Infuse - Sans Images

My pick of the Aviation bunch was the first model clad in a draped and dreamy, blue jumpsuit.

BOP Polytech Infuse - Sans Images BOP Polytech Infuse - Sans Images

The Certificate in Fashion also showcased their ‘Military’ enthused ensembles and yes their overall quality of presentation checked out too.

BOP Polytech Infuse - Sans Images BOP Polytech Infuse - Sans Images

Next on the programme to showcase their collections were the year two’s, the most learned ones. An amazing amount of street-wear came through, notably the denim-wear. Debby Hollenberg with her Punk Peacock labeled collection featured cleverly engineered jeans that were very marketable.

Debby Hollenberg - Sans Images

Debby Hollenberg

Rachel Watt’s set off her sherbet colours teamed with tailored plaids. A witty, over-sized top that bled a beaded heart looked uber cool too.

Nicola Tracy - Sans Images

Rachel Watts

Nicola Tracy - Sans Images

Rachel Watts

Rod Thornburns speed racer appliquéd men’s shirt with those wicked jeans worked insanely well. Call me Rod; I want that shirt – or the pattern.

Rod Thorburn - Sans Images

Rod Thorburn - Close Up!

Steve Halls ‘New Ninja’ and Shari Boyes ‘From Darkness Comes the Dawn’ were definitely the highlight for me and both show a lot of promise for the future.

Steve Hall - Sans Images

Steve Hall

Steve Hall - Sans Images

Steve Hall

Shari Boyes - Sans Images

Shari Boyes

Shari Boyes - Sans Images

Shari Boyes

For the grande finale were the Pasifika entries. As part of the Diploma curriculum, each Year Two student must produce an ensemble designed for the Westfield Style Pasifika Competition, which is an excellent platform for budding designers wanting to get their talents recognized.

There was a great run up of freshness and originality from all students that entered Style Pasifika and some talented winners. Angie Edgars ‘Pania of the Reef’ got Runner-Up in Pasifika Evening Wear.

Angie Edagr - Sans Images

Angie Edgar

Trish Strongman won Pacific Blues Bridal Wear with her tailored Swandri mens jacket cleverly titled ‘Swanning Around’ and Congratulations to Shenade Smith for nabbing the Flava 96.1 Urban Streetwear section and Overall Runner-Up Supreme Designer with her tongue-n-cheek design labeled ‘On Top of the World’.

Trish Strongman - Sans Images

Trish Strongman

Shenade Smith - Sans Images

Shenade Smith

For information about the Diploma in Fashion Technology/ Bachelor in Design (Fashion) check out our Industry Directory or visit

Review by: Jason Tapuai-Kuka

Photography: Santosh D’Souza of Sans Images

3 Responses to “Bay of Plenty Polytech Showcases Future Fashion Dictators”
  1. Sylvia Dovaston says:

    Thanks for a great article mixed with a good bunch of photos! Do you have more photos available to view elsewhere? My daughter is a year 1 student whose outfit was modelled and she also modelled for a year 2 student herself. Thanks, Sylvia

  2. Judy Wong says:

    I can only view from photos. However, I am a little confused. Does the fashion department aim to produce pure design or commercial design please?

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