Scale & Grab to Score a Free Fabric Tee

There is a new marketing & promo’ trend happening around New Zealand, something I like to call ‘scale & grab’.  Scale and grab is like a treasure hunt. Products are placed in precarious spots, hunted down by the eager and then acquired by any means necessary.

Earlier in the year Vodafone had a scale and grab of sorts hiding HTC Magic PDA’s in different locations around the country, drip feeding clues to eager beavers and well, if you found the Magic that baby was yours. We were trying to get our hands on the one hidden in the Bay of Plenty and as we watched on the Mount Maunganui surf cams, some lucky beggar braved the rocks at the Blowhole and scored the Magic – dammit.

Sweet Nothings ice cream joined the scale and grab party last month and attached a pair of Manolo’s to a gigantic billboard in Auckland, announcing that they were a gift to whomever got to them first.  The clever clogs who won them propped a ladder against the billboard and climbed to shoe heaven.

Image // Flossie & Fashionbehindthescenes

Image // Fashionbehindthescenes

This month Fabric of High Street in Auckland are following in similar footsteps. To promote their end of year sale, Fabric are stapling 100 limted edition tees to posters all over Auckland. If you spy one, rip it from the wall and claim it as your own.

Image // Showroom22

The scale/rip ‘n grab from Fabric starts on December 24th and their sale starts in-store on December the 29th.

Words: Melody Wehipeihana


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