Menswear Summer Report: Corporate Corner

Blaire brings you his second instalment of menswear trends for summer and this time round picks his faves for the corporate man.

Suit Hue: Gray

Perceived as one of the most flattening colors in fashion, gray is defending its’ stereotype with much force for the summer. Crafted in single breasted two-piece suits across Calvin Klein, Dunhill and Ermenegildo Zegna, gray is carried with a soft sense of traditionalism, without undermining the importance of a modern context.

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Gray has more strength in paler shades and with that, bears an essence of gentle intelligence. The man who approachs corporate dress with a more nonchalant attitude may want to fish out a muted shirt or lightweight long sleeve sweater and add it to suit trousers in the spirit of Nicole Farhi or Tommy Hilfiger.

Image // Frillr

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The Italian cut suit is slim, fluid and articulated. The objective is to remove excess, rather than indulge in illusive emphasis; it is soley about creating a slender silhouette that is balanced and cohesive. Opt for a narrower cut trouser that licks the top of the shoe and sits marginally above the waist. In addition, match it with a blazer that’s in tune with the narrowness of the pant; thin lapels and a generously shaped profile will create a distinctive, polished frame for the contemporary businessman.

Image // Materialisticboy


Coinciding with the cut of the suit, shoes are taking on a more simplified exterior. Where shoes have been mostly about widening a man’s foot, it is more recently becoming a shift in the opposite direction and trimming down the outline. The disadvantage of wider shaped shoes is they make the overlook appearance very weighted, which in turn weakens the softness and delicacy of a well-cut suit. Various shoe retailers now stock dress shoes that are slender in width, but longer in length, thus acting as an extension of the slimness of the trouser and re-inforcing a tailored style.

Image // Geotrice

Image // Fashion-stylist

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Purely focusing on optical glasses, thick vivid frames are a prominent choice. The progression of eyewear is shifting backward and taking inspiration from the days of swing dancing and milk bars in the nineteen fifties. These frames were generally made of horn which unfortunately is a material that is no longer in circulation within current eyewear manufacturers. The heaviness of these frames is an appropriate addition to the suit as it generates another level of depth to the face and ricochets off soft gray quite forcefully.

Image // Polyvore

Image // Uxsight


The intensity and luridness of striped ties are returning. The success of wearing such stripes is in the skill of knowing what hues best contradict eachother. There should be a precise balance between the strength of one color and softness of another. In some instances, two strong hues can work in partnership but a third, more relaxing color will soften the extremity of the other two. Persimmon orange interacts well with either a calm medium blue or the loudness of an electric blue. For the summer, a range of bold shades will speak for themselves up against the modisty of a stone gray.

Image // Tieshop

Image // Zuegen


Perhaps a man deeply immersed in business demands minimalism when carrying exrta weight, but this season has shown the arrival of excessivley large bags. Leather in particular, is the material of choice and these unconventional accessories are proving to be a favorable companion to an understated suit.

Image // Materialisticboy

Image // Materialisticboy

Image // Materialisticboy

Written by: Blaire Archibald

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