Sure.Shot Street Style – Downtown Hong Kong

Picture this; Hong Kong and you are in the heart of the city, it’s just after Christmas and all the sales are in full swing. The streets are aglow with advertising slapped across billboards, brand enticements litter sidewalks and envelop every conceivable space on building walls. And there are masses of people, kinda like the Mount Maunganui at New Years.

That’s how it was for Winchey as he took time out while on holiday in Hong Kong to get some Sure.Shot street style pic’s for us. He found it a bit tricky trying to get a clear and unencumbered space to shoot people, let alone ask them to stand still for a few minutes! So in the end he decided to take photos of people in motion and here you have it.

Sure.Shot Street Style Hong Kong - Winchey Zheng

Camo reigns supreme this winter

Camo’ pants came through in alot of images. G.I Joe would be proud.

Sure.Shot Street Style Hong Kong - Winchey Zheng

Pristine white sneakers

Matching haircuts and janola fresh, whiter than white kicks.

Samsung says ' Take it Easy'

Samsung says ' Take it Easy'

I couldn’t resist posting this little beauty. In a ‘festive’ marketing ploy from megatronics brand Samsung, they have 80s-esque Samsungites dancing, singing and posing with cameras in hand. Our friend on the very right has borrowed Jerrica Benton’s (Jem’s alter ego) blinging star earrings. Sadly I don’t think Synergy can save her from this dancescapade.

Words: Melody Wehipeihana
Images: Winchey Zheng


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