Designer Spotlight: Glenn Yungnickel

Glenn Yungnickel - Tux HikaIn a couple years, Glenn Yungnickel could very well be the “Karen Walker of menswear.” At the 2009 AUT fashion rookie show, he exhibited an astounding knack for colour and tailoring. Designer Direction was fortunate enough to have a friendly chit chat with the up-and-coming designer.

To be fair, Glenn Yungnickel is no longer really a fashion rookie. 2009 was his fourth year of sorts in that he was completing his honours component. The added experience and knowledge extracted from this intense, research-based year was certainly evident in his collection at the show which drew more than a few wows and ‘holy cows’ from the attendees. The garments were initially inspired by a swagger which I am told is a homeless person of the early 1900s who lived off tin farms and were for obvious reasons very attached to the land.

Throughout the process of creating and designing, Glenn strove to allow the fabric dictate the tone and also tried to remove himself from monochromatic hues opting instead for super bright watermelon colours. Although, I must add that I did adore his beige socks which he admits was a last-minute decision but ultimately one for the better. In any case, Glenn certainly made a strong impression on the crowd with more than a few delighted attendees singing praise for the “incredibly bright collection.”

This acknowledgement and recognition by others is one of the most rewarding aspects of fashion, says Glenn, who thrives on the buzz of shows. As for the least enjoyable moments of the year, Glenn has more than a few stories about last-minute cramming sessions which were certainly rife for the designer in a very gruelling 2009. He promptly adds, however, that it was all more than worth the effort and looking at his collection, I am in complete agreement. Plus, Glenn, from the looks of it, is not one to shy away from challenges.

His choice to do menswear displays a clear willingness to steer away from opting for facile choices and also that he is more than prepared to do what it takes to achieve his goals. And goals he has many. Ultimately, Glenn hopes to have his own label and stock internationally. “I’d like to be the Karen Walker of menswear”, he says in an almost abashed fashion. He remarks how wonderful it is that Karen Walker is able to be so popular internationally and that is what he wants in the long run.

Glenn Yungnickel - Tux Hika

Glenn also aspires not only to capture a certain market but also a certain style. He describes his own personal look as being semi-formal with a strong emphasis on tailoring and finer details. I was completely won over when he told me how he believed it was extremely important to get the inside of the garment right. “Nobody can see it, but you know”, he says in his pleasant soft-spoken manner. With that kind of attention to detail, I think it’s safe to say that Glenn Yungnickel will be going places. Fabulous places.

Written by: Kelly Jin

Shoot Credits:
All garments from Glenn Yungnickel’s final AUT collection. For enquiries please contact Showroom 22.
Creative Director/Stylist: Jason Tapuai-Kuka
Photography: Tux Hika assisted by Calypso Paoli
Model – Jonno from Clyne
Make-up & Hair – Dee Gulliver using M.A.C & assisted by Tamara Eyre

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  1. […] Glenn Yungnickel’s vivacious yet oh so well executed use of gradient reds in his collection “In the Red” was just a pleasure to the eye and burst of fresh air for the fashion lungs. It was truly refreshing to see a designer work with such a bold (and fashionable) colour and not be afraid to use it top to toe. Because Yungnickel, who is a former student of AUT, used the same colour dye for each of the different layers and fabrics so the tonal differences were harmonious when styled together in complimentary layers of his suit ensembles. It was also great to see some smaller collars and higher necklines combined with subtle gradients on panels for a zesty twist to the men’s blazer. Glenn Yungnickel […]

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