Designer Spotlight: Lan Ching Fu

Lan Ching FuJust like the amazing chain mail detail she featured in her ’09 Fashion Rookie collection, Lan’s personality is shiny and effervescent. Not days after her amazing défilé, Lan’s collection, “Bright Eye” was mentioned on Good Morning New Zealand. Seriously, it would be near impossible to overlook this cool cat with an eye for artisanship and Designer Direction was eager to sit down, have a yarn and get the 411.

While others do the bare minimum and are content on scraping by, Lan admits she has an odd penchant for making things a little bit more difficult for herself by going that extra mile. Forgoing sleep and running on the fuel of passion instead, for her most recent collection, “Bright Eye”, Lan wrote a poem for inspiration. “Midnight Raven” is a sombre and eerie account of a love for shiny, beautiful things and reads almost like a fable “Beware naughty boys and girls…your bright little eyes for her taking.”

Lan Ching Fu

Not only can the Taiwanese born Lan, design and write poetry that ought to keep the kids in line, she is also apparently a splendid cook. Her fellow rookie, Reiko Fukuda insists her cakes are absolutely cordon bleu and often sustenance for those late night/early morning cramming sessions. In some alternate universe, if she had not been a fashion student, Lan, with considerable zeal, says she would love to have worked at a cake shop or a florist. ‘You can’t be sad if you’ve got cake and flowers’, she says with gusto. Few could disagree with that statement.

As for those rare occasions when she is not poring over her work or doing something fashion-related, Lan relishes watching 70s slasher films and having zombie movie marathons. I mean, who doesn’t? It seems like we shall be forever inundated with sparkling vampires, so why not have a good sit down and transport yourself to a time when things were simpler and when zombies were all the rage.

Lan Ching Fu

Speaking of the past, Lan bemoans (okay, so that may be a little bit more melodramatic than how she said it) the loss of craftsmanship and the ability to really work with ones hands. “My inspiration more often than not comes from something technical, and I feel we’ve lost some of those treasures.” Largely due to this, the designer hopes to travel to various parts of Latin America where this art is still relatively alive. She speaks dreamily of the rich tapestries and the artisans.

Her ultimate dream, however, is unsurprisingly to have her very own label. The idea of walking down the street and seeing someone wearing her garment fascinates and inspires Lan to no end. On a more irreverent note, when asked about inspiring designers, she mentions she would totally have babies with Nicholas Ghesquiere of Balenciaga. So, Nicholas, if you’re reading this, I’m just putting it out there.

Lan Ching Fu

So, I shall end with a collection of warnings: to the fashionistas of New Zealand, the World and the greater Universe, watch out for this rising star because judging by her dedication and her natural gift for designing, you may see her line everywhere very soon. And to naughty boys and girls, while I am sure Midnight Raven is entirely fictional, I would still advise you to keep tabs on your shiny little peepers.

For enquiries about this collection please contact Showroom22.

Written by: Kelly Jin
Images courtesy of Lan Ching

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