Diamonds, Dah-lings & the Dapper at Ellerslie Race Day

With our faces pressed against the car window, my friends and I, all races virgins, devoured with our hungry eyes the numerous people strolling through the parking lot. The sight of a handsome woman wearing a red two-piece with an obligatory fascinator seemed to disturb my friend slightly.

“Kelly, I think we were meant to wear … more.”

Kelly Jin & Megan Robinson

I must admit upon seeing the aforementioned lady I felt a teensy bit clubbish. That thought quickly evaporated only two seconds later when my other friend pointed out a woman who seemed to have taken the ‘whips and spurs’ idea a little too literally sporting a quasi-dominatrix getup.

Raceday Enthusiast Takes a Punt on Pink

Being amongst the first to arrive at the venue, we were able to get our hands on some Pandora goody bags before signing up at the fashion registration stall where stylish lasses dressed to the nines entered the draw to win a fabulous package including Pandora jewellery, Grand Hotel accommodation and a year’s supply of Nicholas Feuillatte champagne. Not too shabby.

Girls Day Out! A Bunch of Friends at Diamond Day

Diamond Day - Winchey Zheng

Raceday Staple = Fascinators

Flapper Inspired Fashion

Of course, the jewellery and prizes were not the only shiny, sparkly things of the day. The crowd itself was an iridescent cornucopia of colourfully clad, stiletto heeled gals radiating clouds of spray tan flashing Kodak smiles and occasionally fixing their astronomically sized headpieces while the gents looked dapper in sharp suits and several coats of hair gel in their perfect coifs.

Dressed for Success

Kodak Moment

For a first-timer, it was quite surreal watching ladies lather their conversations with ‘darling’ and ‘fabulous’ and only seconds later screaming at their chosen horses at top of their lungs.Racey

In fact, it was all too easy to forget there were any races taking place whatsoever especially if you are like myself and too pathetic/stingy/lazy/confused to place a bet. However, one race to which I did pay attention was race six for it would decide the lucky winner of the Diamond Darling prize.

Pandora Diamond Day Finalists

A Finalist Digs for Pandora Jewellery Goodies

So who was fortunate enough to find themselves awash in sparkling decadence? That would be a very stunning Elina Forbes who insisted her outfit was really a composite of things floating about her room, which she hurriedly grabbed and put on before rushing out the door. Such things included a beautiful Miss Crabb dress, Diane Dudley hat and peep toe shoes. Really, her room sounds like a treasure trove of fashionable goodies.

Pandora Diamond Day Winner - Elina Forbes

As the racing part of the day drew to a close, a veritable nightclub opened up in the main area with glamourous men and women moving their hips like yeah to ‘Party in the USA.’ Miley would have been proud. By the end of the evening, there was not a sober soul in sight and the ‘darlings’ and ‘fabulous’ had become decidedly more slurred.

Enjoying the Night Life at Diamond Day

Bonnie & Clyde

However, in spite of the tween music and inebriation, Whips ‘n Spurs, in true racing fashion, still retained its class and polish. While I’m not a betting woman, I’d hazard a guess this won’t be my last time at the races.

Review: Kelly Jin
Photography: Winchey Zheng & Kelly Jin

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