iD Dunedin’s Friday Night Railway Show

In the 11th year of iD fashion week, Dunedin city offered a glamorous and world class event of New Zealand and international talent with the first night of the Annual Railway Station fashion show. With a 110 metre runway and over 20 designers the audience got to take a good long look at what’s hot this chilly winter.

Although we Dunedinites are well known for our fondness of the dark side and more specifically the colour black in our wardrobes, this winter 2010 looks to be the blue moon of seasons gone by …literally. Blue was a predominant colour in Friday nights show case collections.

Mild red chose midnight blues in their “Money Laundering” collection. My favourite blue moments in this collection were their layered blue cardigan showing great aspects of shape and form.

Mile Red

Mild Red’s collection proved to be a harmonious combination of different fabrics, tailoring and drape techniques while exploring new shapes and silhouettes in their designs.

Mild Red

Mild Red

Elusiv included stormy blue tones in their colour palette this season which worked into what designer Nicole Reilly describes as “Colours of a West Coast beach after a high tide“. I always enjoy the casual yet sophisticated styling of elusiv clothes as well as there subtle incorporation of Polynesian and Maori imagery as surface design.


Seeing as it’s getting into winter (in southerly Dunedin that is) Jackets are always a must have in winter and there was no shortage of them on the railway catwalk.

Rembrandt - Love the man bag

It seems the trench coat is back for another winter and better then ever. Forget that boxy- ghetto blaster- out side- your- window trench coat its all about soft folds and draped tailoring this season.

Favourite trench coat of the night would have to be that of Twenty Seven Names collection “Butter Not Bombs“. The cape-like shape is such a chic and flattering silhouette for the trench. The soft folds and heavier weight of the black fabric (I’m guessing a wool or wool blend) add to the shape and overall sophistication of the coat itself.

Twenty Seven Names

Some years I find that in comparison to the Emerging Designer Awards the railway show can be a tad too commercial (sorry but it’s true).That’s why I always enjoy seeing the introduction of new Dunedin designers.

Siobhan Moroney - Emerging DEsigner

My absolute favourite of this year’s “Capsule Collections” was that of new knitwear label Lou and Ash. I had two favourite pieces in this collection and one was a long cream low sleeved and loose knit oversized cardie and dress. I just wanted to pull it off the model and wrap it round me, not only because it was gorgeous but also because it was a bone chilling cold night with southerly winds blowing through the train station.

Lou & Ash

The Lou and Ash label also had some amazing hand knit and patchwork designs that included many blocks of colours. Another favourite of mine is the patchwork almost cape like cardie. Although multi coloured it didn’t seem like too much on the eye because of the two toned weave of the knits.

Lou & Ash

And of course there is always the great work of Dunedin founded label Nom*D. Due to my own simplistic style I always admire Nom*D’s styling from a more observational perspective however this years winter collection “We used to be good children. And then we grew up and we ran away…” with more subdued layers and virginal whites has me understanding the dedication of Dunedin fashionistas who live on beans for a month to get there Nom*D fix (oh no!).



But of course the most amazing, the most colourful, the most bedazzling and awe inspiring was internationally acclaimed fashion and textile artist Zandra Rhodes. Rhodes brought along pieces from her current and past collections. Each piece was printed intricately on sparkly and brightly coloured fabrics from her sari inspired garments to her famous kaftans.

Zandra Rhodes

Zandra Rhodes

Zandra Rhodes

Andrew Logan (judge) and Model

A stunner finale for a stunner of a designer and an all round stunner of a show! Although it was an extremely cold night at least everyone left with fashionable blue hands, now that’s what I call dedication.

Check out our runway gallery from the night: click right here

Review: Charlotte Carr
Photographer: Michael Alexander McQueen


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