Paper Eyelashes the New Lash-cessory

Paper eyelashes, who would have thought? It’s not the kind of lash-cessory you would want to shed a tear in while wearing (or get a nasty paper cut) and unlike its synthetic friends it holds little immunity to the elements. With that all said, how can you resist fluttering your lids wearing paper-lash cherry blossoms or even tiny horses?

These eco-friendly babies are designed by London-based Ting yu Wang for a new design group called Paperself and the story goes that the paper eyelash design was inspired by a traditional Chinese art of paper cutting. The eyelashes are quite amazing and very detailed, you could wear them on a stark, non-made-up face or go for a striking contrast using colour as seen in the images above and below.

These would look great as part of an editorial for fashion or beauty, orrrr just for wearing out and about. I am quite taken by the horses, which design tickles your fancy?

The million dollar question is – how do you get your hands on a pair?

Sadly there are currently no stockists in New Zealand however we have found a stockist in London who will ship to New Zealand! Luna and Curious are a London-based boutique selling a large pair for approx’ $32 NZD and a small pair for around $22 NZD.  Shipping costs will vary but may cost $10-$12 NZD. Visit their website here – Luna and Curious and talk to Rheanna about getting a pair.

If you want to see the bigger and better close-ups of each design check out the Paperself website –

Words: Melody Wehipeihana
Images: Paperself & Luna and Curious

2 Responses to “Paper Eyelashes the New Lash-cessory”
  1. Ms Lash says:

    Whoa, they’re kinda freaky, but still very cool. I’m always amazed at the new stuff they come up with in the beauty field. Thanks for sharing.

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