TopShop to Open at the Department Store in Auckland

It’s been the talk of the town today. Twitter and Facebook blew up with messages of excitement from eager fashion lovers. It even piqued the interest of our friends Fletch and Vaughan from the Edge radio station, who were curious as to what all the fuss was about.

It’s a huge fuss and the wait is finally over. No more shopping online and missing out on all the good stuff, in April TopShop is coming to New Zealand and it’s all thanks to The Department Store in Takapuna.

The new TopShop retail store will be only the second to open in Australasia and we should count our lucky stars that New Zealand has a world-class store that TopShop wants to partner with.

TopShop fans will have the luxury of buying styles off the rack at the same time that they are available in London which is great, but what is really exciting is the range of garments that we will be privy to.

TopShop rolls out over 300, yes 3-0-0 new styles per week and kiwis will now be able to choose from a massive selection of these styles. Just think, Kate Moss must have’s will only be but a mere trip to the North Shore away, though you may have to be prepared for a scrap to get a piece from her collection considering it’s popularity.

We wonder if the store opening will be like the H&M store launch in Toulouse, France? It’s like the craziness of a Boxing Day Sale (or Robert Pattinson sighting) x 100 + screaming, fanatical, shop-a-holic women. See the insanity for yourself via the YouTube clip below – it’s not pretty.

So, get ready to queue come April when TopShop opens its first New Zealand retail front. We can’t wait! and will make sure we keep you updated on its launch.

Words: Melody Wehipeihana

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