Salasai Launch at The Little Black Crown

As if The Little Black Crown wasn’t already awesome enough, it just became a wee bit more legen – wait for it – dary. How so? Well, now on top of Juliette Hogan, Cybele and Deborah Sweeney, you can also find the amazing Salasai at the K Road boutique.

The launch of Salasai on Thursday brought together a nice congregation of well-heeled, well-coifed types happily alternating between wine-sipping and rack-sifting. I think I speak for a substantial amount of people when I say that this is a seriously delicious combination.

Oh, and the clothes! Why, I’m practically itching for winter and its cold bite to arrive if it means I shall have an excuse to wear some of the super cosy puppies I spotted on Thursday.

There was unsurprisingly an abundance of warm, chunky knits in the quintessentially oversized Salasai aesthetic. One particular white knit dress took my fancy and looked like prime layering material with an interesting panel of thick wool.

Image //

I was also drawn to a supremely cute overcoat in both black and white, which was hooded for added practicality. In addition to knits, there was A LOT of shoulder. Big, big shoulders.

Image //

So if you thought you had seen the end of the 80s, think again.

Words: Kelly Jin
Header Image Courtesy of Photographer: Tux Hika.

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