Menswear Fall / Winter 2010 Trend Report

It’s looking interesting for Menswear this winter, from acid coloured suiting and bold prints to a tenebrousness throughout some collections that Tim Burton could have had a hand in inspiring. Get the latest menswear trends for this fall and winter thanks to our very own, in-house menswear designer; Blaire Archibald.

Post-Apocalyptic Agressiveness
It would seem that this coming fall, the boys are in a bit of a state, empathy and a gentle heart is out and a hostile attitude is in. Throughout the fashion caps, a wide streak of black and charcoal posted a somewhat dark cloud that lingered over many collections; some expectable, (a reclusive and antagonistic feel from Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester) while some rather abrupt and explorative (roughness and a sense of authority from Lanvin and a weighted, alienated style at Givenchy). This temperamental style is certainly a force to be reckoned with and this season sees it coming through in droves. Consider it a warning.

Cinched Waists
The tighter, the better. Coat belts, sashes and leather buckled belts are all being pulled up and brought in for a surprisingly masculine silhouette that manifests elaborate volume whilst sharpening the overall look. From the most experimental of examples with Lanvin to more simple standardized approaches with Michael Kors and Gianfranco Ferre, having that nip in the waist gives off the military-esk notion that you’re at the top of the ranks.

Bold Prints / Patterns
Whether it is a congestion of checks upon checks, or a continuum of a singular print, fall is the season for the profound. For Alexander Mcqueen, the focus is having a three piece suit matching to the third degree, Calvin Klein presents a range of lustrous metallic gray suits and Duckie Brown mashes a medley of tartans fresh from the highland hills. If you lack the self assurance or financial stamina to personify these prominent patterns in their entirety – fear not, wear a staple shirt or pair of slacks and then go wild when searching for that little piece of crazy.

Kitsch Knitwear
As comedic as it may seem, these quirky knitted numbers are making a forceful return from their earlier appearances in late 1970’s fondue parties and wood cabins. Exploding in a parade of patterns, jacquard jumpers have the capability to inflict some hardcore energy into any ensemble. Whether it is uptight high-class manor, or runaway rogue, these little pieces of comfort are a cheeky addition to your otherwise, very serious wardrobe.

Bright Suits
The power tie is no longer enough. A real man’s strength lies in the intensity of his day-to-day suit and this fall it would seem it is on a journey to find gold at the other end of the rainbow. Egg yolk, electric blue, spearmint and crimson are just the beginnings of this colour prism being slapped on single breasted two-piece suits. Remember that shirt you bought a few years ago because the shop assistant said it was your colour? It’s time to resurrect it from the closet and buy some friends for it to hang with.

If ever you wanted more ‘depth’ in your clothing, well it’s your lucky season. John Varvatos, Dior Homme, Neil Barrett and Trusardi 1911 are all serving up generous dollops of layer-attached-to-layer pieces that illustrate a sense of appropriate excessiveness. Viktor & Rolf utilize several shades of gray to add weight and density, while Comme des Garcons approach layering with a more convex touch, padding a single breasted jacket with layers from within. Whichever direction you decided to take it in, your safest move is to categorize the layers into a family of staple tones or various shades of the same hue – No one likes a colour fight.

Review: Blaire Archibald

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