Tobe. Understated Kicks to Invest In

It’s no secret that I am a fan of what some might consider to be ‘outlandish’ footwear. Lost Not Lonelys’ Dusty Bootish spring to mind and McQueens’ Gieger-esque, skeletel heels from his Plato’s Atlantis collection also join my gallery of shoe art to covet.

Alexander McQueen - 'Gieger' Heel /

Despite my penchant for the adventurous (or monstrous) and avant garde, one cannot disregard the clean lines of a well made pair of kicks. Step up Tobe, a Wellington based sneaker design label.

Tobe Optical White Canvas Hi-Tops / Lee Gibson

Tobe Black on Black Leather / Lee Gibson

These bad boys are understated, clean and free of the usual over-the-top branding that you find on other sneakers, which is a refreshing change for the sneaker market. With all the ticks, pumas and stars smothering our feet it’s nice to find a pair of kicks that make a statement by their design, textiles, construction and the wearer, and not because of the brand.

Tobe - All about style & finish, not OTT branding / Lee Gibson

What else makes these so special? For starters the colour combinations and material used. We have Wanganui leather and canvas as the textiles of choice for their debut collection. Black leather uppers with black soles, white on blue soles, white + white, black + white – the choices are many.

Tobe All Whites / Lee Gibson

The next best thing is the price. How does $175-$295 sound to you? The cost of a pair of mass produced, Nike clones ex-China are around the same prices, so you are looking at a bargain in comparison. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Tobes’ debut collection turned into collectors items for sneaker freaks.

Tobe sneaker sketch / Lee Gibson

Tobe - Carefully designed and developed + NZ made! / Lee Gibson

Tobe sneakers are the business. After launching only weeks ago they are already stocked at Good as Gold in Wellington and are available for purchase online at

But it gets better, this weekend Huffer are hosting a Tobe pop-up store to unleash the sneakers upon Aucklanders. This is a clever move for Tobe, aligning themselves with one of New Zealands top street brands gives them instant cred’.

Tobe are going places and I suggest checking out their website and buying yourself a pair at Good as Gold online. You never know, they could be an investment when Tobe hit the big time.

Visit the official Tobe website:

Words: Melody Wehipeihana


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