Top Shop Preview Weekend, May 1st. Be There.

TopShop New Zealand will opens it’s doors for the very first time this coming Saturday May 1st at 9am. It’s going to be chaotic, much akin to a Justin Bieber ‘kiwi’ welcoming party but without the mugging and tween marriage proposals.

TopShop will only be providing shoppers with a ‘taster’ of what is to come. Due to the worldwide airspace disruptions with Icelands Mt Huckaloogie only 1,000 pieces managed to drop on New Zealand shores.

But hey, no one is complaining. If it means there will be less people wearing the same top/jacket/dress that you waited 3 hours in line for and scrapped out a skinny blonde to acquire – it’s well worth it.

So due to the freight issues this weekend is a preview only. You can buy to your hearts content but come Monday the doors will close until more stock arrives.

The collection has been bought with exclusivity in mind – only small numbers of each style will be available, meaning a greater variety of styles and less pairs of your TopShop jeans walking around.

The average price of TopShop’s New Zealand stock is NZD$88.00, which is pretty good. Premium items such as 100% leather vests will retail for $225.00, while core denim is $85.00-100.00, shoes average $102.00, bags average $150.00, dresses average $115.00 and winter coats won’t set you back more than $185.00.

Women from all across the country are hiking their way up island to attend and if you are in Auckland this weekend, make sure you get to the TopShop preview being held at The Department Store.

Wanna get in early?
Die-hard TopShop fans can get The Department Store’s full ‘Top Floor’ experience by booking in as early as 7am on Saturday 1st May at Stephen Marr or Lucy & The Powder Room, giving rise to a complete shopping experience before the 9am rush. Call (09) 488 0585 or e-mail to book now!

Words: Melody Wehipeihana


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