Paradise Found at Birthday Suit Runway Show in Sydney

Going to my first fashion assignment ever, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. We arrived at the famed Sydney Opera House and stood with the oh-so-fashionable-with-a-splash-of-indie crowd (the splash-of-indie being evident by the numerous pairs of faux hipster glasses seen in the room) and waited for the show to start.

The show opened with a contemporary dance performance by Maya Martinez dressed as what can be best described as a beautifully glamorous bat, with a sequined cap that was just the beginning of the amazing headpieces on show on this runway.

Birthday Suit are known for their vibrant prints, with previous collections having featured inspiration from Frida Kahlo and Alice in Wonderland, amongst others.

This collection was no different, with prints evoking the vivacious Caribbean, exotic birds of Papua New Guinea and even the colour blocks found decorating parachutes.

My personal favourite was the figure-hugging body-con dress adorned with a colourful bird print and black rope pattern over the top which gave a slightly femme fatale edge to the outfit.

This creative use of rope draping was especially attention grabbing in one particular outfit when combined with an open shirt, which left quite little to the imagination, with audible sounds of approval being heard from some of the male contingent in the audience.

Each look had an almost otherworldly feel enhanced by the aforementioned headpieces and delightfully tropical make up palette.

None more so than the finale, which featured a model wearing a unique winged structure of sorts.

And what a finale it was, featuring an emotional moment at the end between designer and proud loved one and warm greetings from the crowd. I was told fashion shows are normally a relatively quiet affair featuring polite claps and nods of the head, but this show was full of life, just like the outfits featured in it.

Review: Susie Yoon
Ed Hor

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